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Feed hungry hearts and spread the news of your ministry or business all across EDLA in the 2022 Diocesan Convention booklet!

The Convention booklet will be distributed to thousands of people across the diocese. Delegates and visitors attending in person will receive a printed booklet, and a digital copy will be published on the website. See below for ad pricing. For an additional small fee, your printed ad will also be published on the Episcopal News website between November 4 and November 18.

  • $50 for a 2.5x2.5" printed ad
  • $125 for a quarter-page printed ad (4x5" or 8x2.5")
  • $250 for a half-page printed ad (8x5" or 4x10")
  • $500 for a full-page printed ad (8x10")

Printed artwork must be 300dpi and is subject to review before publication. The Communications office is happy to help design your ad! Once you purchase your ad space here, please submit your image and information to and