Angelus Prayer List

Please email prayer requests to:

Please continue to pray for healing for:

Peg Bradley
David Brown
The Bruno Family
Alexandra Conrads
Shelley Booth Denney
Norm & B.J. Freeman

Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook
Argola Haynes
The Hubbard Family
The Kennedy Family
Paul & Duffy Lawson
Linda McCarthy
Maryel McKinley

Gordon & Beryl Nyre-Thomas
Cindy Voien
Ellen Wekall
Roger Wood
Megan Wolf

Those in the ordination process:

Canon 8 Candidates

Preparing for ordination to the priesthood (January 14, 2023)
Stacey Forte-Dupré, Fuller/BH Anglican Studies (St. Stephen’s, Beaumont)
Timothy Hartley, CDSP, (All Saints, Pasadena)
Ryan Macias, CDSP (St. George’s, Laguna Hills)
Brian Tucker, Fuller & Bexley Seabury Seminary, (Prince of Peace, Woodland Hills)
Susanne Wright-Nava, Fuller & CDSP Anglican Studies, (St. James, South Pasadena)

Canon 8 Postulants
John Achee, CDSP, (St. John’s Chrysostom, Rancho Santa Margarita)
Benjamin Galan, BH Anglican Studies (Saint Luke’s, Long Beach)
Tim Hamlin, EDS at Union (St. Mary’s, La Mariposa)
Payton Hoegh, (St. Stephen’s, Hollywood)
Karen James, BH, (Church of The Epiphany, Oak Park)
Kelly Lauer, CDSP, (St. Luke – The Physician, Monrovia)
Miriam Edwards, BH, (St. Andrew’s, Fullerton)
Michael Mischler, (St. James, South Pasadena)
Hart Roussel, (St. Andrew’s, Fullerton)
Mel Soriano, Bexley Seabury, (All Saints, Pasadena)
Margaret Stivers, CDSP (St. Richard of Chichester, Lake Arrowhead)
Jonathan Stoner, Fuller & CDSP, (All Saints, Pasadena)
Gabriel Vasquez-Reyes, Seminary TBD (Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel)
Paula Walker, Seminary TBD (St. Mark’s, Altadena)
Julia Warren (St. Mark’s, Upland)
Joshua Wong, BH (Thad’s Church, Los Angeles)


Canon 6 Candidates (Vocational Diaconate)

Postulants for the diaconate

Tom Jensen, CDSP (St. Stephen’s, Santa Clarita)

Diocesan Discernment Year
Marc Weniger (Trinity, Redlands)
Rodney Hume-Dawsoon (Trinity, Redlands)
Caitlyn Ference-Saunders (St.. James, South Pasadena)
Drew Darby (St. Paul’s, Ventura)
Mike Allen (St. Luke, Long Beach)
J.D. Neal (St. Matthias, Whittier)
Andy Cooper (St. Paul, Pomona)
Lynn Nickens (St. Ambrose, Claremont)
Stephanie Herrman (St. Mark, Altadena)

Canon 6 are always permanent deacons
Canon 8 are always the presbyteral track (initially deacons, transitioning to priest)
Canon 10: people who are already ordained to the priesthood in another tradition; waiting to be received as priests in the Episcopal Church)

BH – Bloy House (Episcopal Theological School at Claremont)
CDSP – Church Divinity School of the Pacific
FTS – Fuller Theological Seminary
GTS – General Theological Seminary, New York
IS – Independent Study
VTS – Virgina Theological Seminary, Virginia

Bishop Taylor always wants red stoles for clergy at ordinations, no matter the season.