17 congregations, two ministries awarded grants from the One Body & One Spirit Annual Fund

January 26, 2024

Roof and HVAC repairs. New solar panels and furniture. Clergy education. Removing a beehive.

Seventeen congregations and two ministries of the Diocese of Los Angeles will receive nearly $94,000 in grants from the Corporation of the Diocese thanks to your generosity to the One Body & One Spirit Annual Appeal.

Launched as an emergency appeal during COVID, the Annual Appeal isn’t just for emergencies anymore. It’s for anything a church or institution needs that isn’t covered by the budget. Every dollar we receive goes back out the door in a grant. Since 2020, we’ve made 70 grants to 56 congregations, institutions, and ministries.

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The application deadline for the next round of grants is May 1, 2024. An information and applications packet may be downloaded here. Here’s more information about the current round of grants, totaling $93,580:

St. Paul’s Church, Barstow
$5,000 funding assistance to replace the church roof

St. Ambrose Church, Claremont
$4,355 to replace chairs for the parish hall

St. George’s, Hawthorne
$5,000 to repair the church’s heating and air conditioning (HVAC)

St. Andrew’s Church, Irvine
$2,025 to replace gutters following water damage caused by heavy storms in early 2023

St. Mary’s Church, Lompoc
$5,000 funding assistance for termite fumigation and beehive removal

St. Luke’s Church, Long Beach
$5,000 to renovate and refresh the waiting area (repair, paint, seating, shade, etc.) for volunteers and unhoused guests who use the congregation’s outreach ministries

Church of the Advent, Los Angeles
$5,000 to purchase AV equipment for streaming and to build a new website

St. Barnabas “St. Be’s” Church, Los Angeles
$5,000 to expand the congregation’s food justice ministry

St. Aidan’s Church, Malibu
$5,000 funding assistance for an On-Site Waste Treatment System (OWTS) required by the city following the failure of the church’s septic system in 2018

St. John’s Church, Needles
$2,200 for bedbug extermination in the rectory

St. Francis’ Church, Norwalk
$5,000 to replace the church roof

All Saints/Todos los Santos Church, Oxnard
$5,000 funding assistance for rooftop solar panel installation

Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia
$5,000 to install central heating and air conditioning (HVAC) in the parish office, chambers, and sacristy

St. Clement’s Church, San Clemente
$5,000 to completely re-landscape to reduce water consumption and enhance the beauty of the church campus

St. Mark’s Church, Upland
$5,000 funding assistance for remediation and repair of the library after water damage caused by heavy storms in 2023

St. Martin in the Fields Church, Winnetka
$2,500 funding assistance for roof and parish hall repair

Bloy House – The Episcopal Theological School of Los Angeles
$5,000 to support the Anglican Studies program for prospective clergy who earned their master of divinity degrees from seminaries not affiliated with the Episcopal Church

CFLC (Center for Lay Chaplaincy/Prism Restorative Justice
$5,000 to establish weekly worship services in jail facilities

One Body & One Spirit Appeal makes 51 grants to local ministries

The diocesan One Body & One Spirit Appeal – launched in 2020 with emergency grants responding to challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and continuing in 2022 as an annual fund – has provided a total of 51 grants made by the Corporation of the Diocese to local congregations and ministries. (Grant application packet and FAQs are here.)

A total of 14 Annual Appeal grants, ranging from $4,200 to $13,780 from December 2022 through June 2023, have been awarded as follows:

  • Arcadia, Church of the Transfiguration, $10,000 for replacement and repair of the campus air-conditioning and heating system.
  • Hawthorne, St. George’s, $4,200 to replace exterior rafters.
  • Julian, Camp Stevens, $13,780 to assist repairs to staff housing.
  • La Verne, St. John’s, $5,500 to support air conditioning repairs and maintenance.
  • Lancaster, St. Paul’s, $7,150 will enable installation of lighting for safety and security.
  • Los Angeles, Instituto de Liderazgo Spanish-language leadership training program, $7,500 to be directed toward the purchase of technology for use of students.
  • Los Angeles, My Work to Do anti-racism education program, $13,500 to provide with graphic design, marketing, and advertising to increase membership; gift honoraria for facilitators of color; and travel/lodging for a first in-person leadership planning meeting.
  • Los Angeles, Stillpoint, a ministry of spiritual direction and formation, $7,500 for the purchase of technology and implementation of hybrid programming.
  • Los Angeles (Wilshire Center), SJOM Inc., $10,000 for operating expenses of Adullam House, a Korean-language housing and supportive services ministry operated by the Rev. John Kim, senior associate at St. James’ in the City, Los Angeles.
  • Riverside, St. George’s, $7.500 toward replacement of campus air-conditioning and heating units.
  • San Fernando, St. Simon’s, $6,000 toward replacement of doors on campus.
  • San Pedro, St. Peter’s, $5,000 to aid repairs to air-conditioning and sewer lines.
  • South Gate, St. Margaret’s, $7,500 toward replacement of the church roof.
  • Winnetka, St. Martin’s $7,500 toward replacement of the church roof.

A total of 37 Emergency Appeal grants, ranging from $1,840 to $7,500 from June 2020 to October 2021, were awarded as follows:

  • Anaheim, St. Michael’s: $6,000 to support contract employees and outstanding bills after significant decline in income due to loss of facility use, and after many members lost jobs in the local hospitality industry amid the pandemic.
  • Claremont, St. Ambrose: $1,840 to aid in transitioning worship to online services.
  • Downey, St. Mark’s: $7,500 to assist operations and digital ministry amid revenue shortfalls.
    El Segundo, St. Michael the Archangel: $7,500 to install a fire alarm in an additional room that will expand the children’s center to double capacity.
  • Garden Grove, St. Anselm of Canterbury: $7,500 for sanctuary repair including termite damage, roofing, and a door.
  • Gardena, Holy Communion: $6,040 toward reopening costs including repairs and technology upgrades.
  • Gardena, Holy Communion: $3,500 to offset cost of additional repairs and technology upgrades.
  • Glendale, Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School at Los Angeles: $7,500, for technology upgrades for online instruction opportunities beyond the pandemic.
  • Glendale, La Magdalena: $7,500 for technology upgrades for online services and ministry.
  • Inglewood, Holy Faith: $7,500 to maintain part-time staff – office manager, sexton and musicians – who are paid through 1099s ineligible for coverage in the congregation’s Paycheck Protection Program application.
  • Julian, Camp Stevens: $7,500 to pay health benefits for reduced staff.
  • La Verne, St. John’s: $6,200 for kitchen appliance repairs.
  • Laguna Niguel, Faith: $2,500 to provide technology for online services.
  • Lake Arrowhead, St. Richard’s: $7,500 for technology upgrades for online services and ministry.
  • Lancaster, St. Paul’s: $5,000, to upgrade limited internet and wi-fi services to offer online worship.
  • Long Beach, St. Thomas of Canterbury: $5,000 to assist with payroll and pension payments, social media upgrades, and meeting diocesan guidelines for reopening buildings.
  • Los Angeles (Atwater Village), IRIS (Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Services): $7,500 to assist refugee families and service programs.
  • Los Angeles (Crenshaw/Leimert Park), Christ the Good Shepherd: $7,500 for plant and parking lot repairs.
  • Los Angeles (Downtown), St. John’s Cathedral: $7,500 for technology upgrades for livestreaming.
  • Los Angeles (Echo Park), St. Athanasius: $3,000 to assist with technology for online services.
  • Los Angeles (Highland Park), All Saints: $7,500 to help offset a significant loss in income from COVID-19, and costs of urgent repairs to its roof and building to maintain revenue from current tenants.
  • Los Angeles (Highland Park): $7,500 directed to the parish hall and sanctuary repair projects.
  • Los Angeles (Hollywood), Jubilee Consortium: $7,500 to assist food programs and urban intern support.
  • Los Angeles (Hollywood), St. Stephen’s: $7,023 to upgrade technical equipment to provide online services and ministry.
  • Los Angeles (Wilshire Center/Koreatown), St. James in the City: $7,500 matching opportunity to assist Koreatown street ministry to the unhoused.
  • Monterey Park, St. Gabriel’s: $5,000 to help sustain its ministry in transition to online services.
  • Oak Park, Epiphany: $2,500 to help facilitate online services.
  • Ontario, Christ Church: $7,500 to assist development of a vacant portion of its campus to improve outdoor space and accommodate new safety protocols.
  • Placentia, Blessed Sacrament: $7,500 toward its preschool’s increased cleaning costs and staffing support.
  • Pomona, St. Paul’s: $7,500 to offset losses from its inability to book weddings and events.
  • San Pedro, St. Peter’s: $5,000 to offset a loss of income from a lack of in-person meetings.
  • South Gate, St. Margaret’s: $4,000 to cover one month of operating expenses after significant deficits due to the pandemic.
  • Van Nuys, St. Mark’s: $7,500 for digital ministry start-up costs.
  • Venice, Neighborhood Youth Association: $7,500 for an air filtration system for elementary school classrooms.
  • Winnetka, St. Martin in-the-Fields: $7,500 for ground and plumbing repairs to make its school building accessible and functional for children.
  • Winnetka, St. Martin in-the-Fields: $7,500 for maintenance to the heating/cooling system in preschool rooms to provide needed air filtration and heating/air conditioning.
  • Yucaipa, St. Albans: $4,500 directed to health insurance premiums.