Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change


Responding to the urgent global and local needs of the current environmental crisis, the Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change, comprising more than 20 members appointed from across the diocese, is actively engaged in these priorities:

  • Advocating for a better response in the U.S. to climate change priorities
  • Educating diocesan congregations, schools, institutions, and individuals in addressing climate change
  • Engaging General Convention legislation calling dioceses, congregations, and individuals to action
  • Increasing preparedness for natural disasters and responsiveness when they occur

In addition, the Commission is bringing attention to intersections of food insecurity and racial justice; tracking of federal, statewide, regional and local legislation; and development of an anthology of online resources. The role of youth and young adults, together with local schools and seminaries is also key.

Impetus for launching the Commission in March 2022 includes Diocesan Convention’s 2021 Margaret Parker Lecture given by Mary Nichols, parishioner of St. James’, Los Angeles, and a former longtime chair of the California Air Resources Board, who spoke just after her return from the United Nations COP26 meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. View her lecture here.

The Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change offered its first annual Climate Change Summit at St. Paul’s Commons in Echo Park on Saturday, September 16th. The program featured presentations from Dr. Lucy Jones, Kate Varley, Steve Slaten, Rev. Daniel Tamm, and Lisa Markus. Read a full report on the summit here.

Click below to view the recorded program and to view initiatives that require urgent action:

Commission Chair

The Rev. Canon Melissa McCarthy | Contact:

Commission Participants

In addition to Bishop John Harvey Taylor and The Rev. Can. Melissa McCarthy, commission participants include:

  • Canon Robert Williams, diocesan staff liaison and canon for common life; parishioner at St. James in the City, Los Angeles
  • Full List of Commission Members can be viewed here.

The commission meets virtually each month.

About the Commission on Climate Change’s Work

During the Episcopal Church’s 80th General Convention, the House of Bishop’s named the climate crisis an urgent concern that affects all issues of social justice. In a statement issued on the final day of the gathering, they proclaimed:

“As people of faith, we are not without hope, but the sustainability of God’s creation demands our action. Confronting climate change and environmental degradation has never been more urgent. As members of The Episcopal Church, we are committed in baptism to resist evil, seek God’s will, treat all people with dignity, and strive for justice and peace. Living into these promises, we must face the climate crisis for the sake of love of God and neighbor”

As part of this vital work, The Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change is committed to keeping congregations and communities of the Diocese of Los Angeles informed and inspired as we collaboratively respond to the developing climate crisis. The commission meets regularly to discuss developments, analyze priorities, and mobilize collective action.

Resource Guide

The Commission on Climate Change has compiled resources in key areas of interest and insight that will support parishes in the work of implementing sustainability and resiliency measures while connecting to the spiritual grounding that guides us in the work of creation care, Earth healing, and climate advocacy. Select a category to learn more about how you and your congregation can be involved.

To schedule an educational program, Climate Change 101: Hope is a Renewable Resource, for your congregation, click here.

For a general list of Climate Change resources including organization links, articles, books, practical and spiritual resources, click here.




Green Tips & Creation Care Commentary

Use in your church bulletin to nourish ecological faith in your congregation & community

July 10, 2024

 Here are some summer green camping tips:

 Light up your nights with eco-friendly options. Our climate crisis means rethinking some traditions like wood burning. It just isn’t climate friendly because of the carbon pollution it emits. LED lanterns are a great green camping choice.

 Pack reusable dishes for your cookouts. It’s a good idea to have a set of camping dishes as well as a washbasin and biodegradable soap for cleaning up. Wash dishes at least 100 feet from streams, ponds, and other bodies of water.

 Take a break from your beauty routine. Personal care and beauty products can be pretty toxic to the environment. Also keep in mind that if your only bathing option is a natural body of water, it’s best to leave all soap and products behind. Cover exposed skin with UPF clothing and hats to avoid impacts of sunscreen.

 Always leave your campsite better than you found it. Any scout will tell you that this is the golden rule of camping! Keep a reusable bag with you throughout your trip to pick up any trash or debris you find along the way. Recycle what you can and properly dispose of the rest.

Click Here to view our full Green Tip Archive

Many thanks to Gloria Sefton & Kathy Cartelli for graciously sharing these Green Tips as church bulletin resources for Episcopal congregations in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Climate Change Updates from the Episcopal News

St. Paul’s Commons helps host first-ever Echo Park Earth Fest

St. Paul’s Commons helps host first-ever Echo Park Earth Fest

[The Episcopal News] Offering free compost and cookbooks, ministry partners at St. Paul’s Commons – headquarters of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles – staffed one of the busiest booths at the first-ever Echo Park Earth Fest, held April 27. Thousands of Angelenos...

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