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Employee Benefits

This page will connect you to all the resources you’ll need in choosing a healthcare plan that works for you and your family.

2022 Benefits Overview

Church & Non-School Benefits 2022

School Benefits 2022

Workers Compensation – Liberty Mutual (Under the Church Pension Group)

Short & Long Term Disability

2021 Benefits Overview



The At-A-Glance Contact Card for members can be found on CPG’s website:


Church Benefits 2021

School Benefits 2021

Active Clergy & Lay Employee Health Plan Information – 2021

Links direct to Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Medicare Secondary Payer (SEE)

For small employers only | No more than 19 employees

Links provide information on Eligibility for the Episcopal Health Plan for Qualified Small Employer Exception Members (the SEE Plan)

Medicare Secondary Payer Eligibility Certification Form

Medicare Secondary Payer SEE Member Fact Sheet

Medicare Secondary Payer SEE Letter to Members

Dental Plan Information – 2021

Links direct to Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Vision – 2021

Links direct to information on EyeMed Insight Network benefits for the Episcopal Church Medical Trust

Short & Long Term Disability

Unemployment Benefits

Additional Resources



A personal health advocate service to help you with healthcare and insurance issues

2020 Archive Benefit Information