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Diocesan Council

A body of elected clergy and lay representatives, Diocesan Council oversees and shapes diocesan program between meetings of Diocesan Convention. Diocesan Council usually meets at the Cathedral Center at 4pm on the second Thursday on each month. Following is a listing of representatives including those elected by Diocesan Convention, and those elected by each of the diocese’s 10 geographic deaneries.


Chair The Right Rev. John Harvey Taylor

Bishop Suffragan The Right Reverend Diane Jardine Bruce

Secretary of Convention/Recording Secretary Canon Steve Nishibayashi

Treasurer of the Diocese The Reverend Kirby Smith

Diocesan President of ECW Ms Christine Budzowski

Chancellor of the Diocese Canon Richard Zevnik

Representative from the General Convention

Deputation Ms Kathryn Nishibayashi

Representatives from Standing Committee

ClergyThe Very Reverend Canon Michael Archer

St. Wilfrid’s Church Huntington Beach, CA

LayCanon Patsy Brierly

Representatives from Corporation of the Diocese

ClergyThe Reverend Lester V. Mackenzie

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Laguna Beach, CA 

LayMr. Ravi Verma

Members Elected by Diocesan Convention

ClergyThe Reverend Francisco Garcia, Jr. (2020)

Holy Faith Church Inglewood, CA

LayMr. Dave Moreno (2020)

ClergyThe Reverend Dr. Barbara R. Stewart (2019)

LayMr. Richard Henderson (2019)

ClergyThe Reverend Canon Mary Trainor

St. Joseph’s Church Buena Park, CA 

LayCanon Roger Leachman (2018)

Staff Representatives

Canon Abigail Urquidi Executive Assistant to Bishops & Canon to the Ordinary

The Rev. Canon Melissa McCarthy Canon to the Ordinary

The Rev. Michele Racusin Chief Financial Officer

Canon Robert Williams Canon for Common Life

Members Representing Deaneries-Elected by Deanery

| Deanery 1

ClergyThe Reverend Michael Corrigan

LayMr. Jim Alexander

| Deanery 2

ClergyThe Reverend Vincent Schwahn Ryckman

St. Mark’s Church Van Nuys, CA 

Lay: Mr. Richard Holdredge

| Deanery 3

ClergyThe Very Reverend Canon lan Davies

St. Thomas” Church Hollywood, CA 

LayThe Honorable Canon Patti Jo McKay Ramsey

| Deanery 4

ClergyThe Reverend Dr. Glenn M. Libby 

LayMr. Dan Valdez

| Deanery 5

ClergyThe Reverend Julie D. Bryant,

Church of the Transfiguration Arcadia, CA 

LayCanon Ann Seitz

| Deanery 6

ClergyThe Very Reverend Canon Kelli Grace Kurtz

St. John’s Church La Verne, CA

LayMs Gayle McKinney

| Deanery 7

Clergy:  The Reverend Liz Williams

St. Alban’s Yucaipa, CA

Lay: Ms Diane Askren

| Deanery 8

Clergy: The Reverend George Okusi

St. Thomas’ Church Long Beach, CA 

Lay: Ms Carole Gonzalez

| Deanery 9

Clergy: The Very Reverend Jeannie Martz

Trinity Church Orange, CA

Lay: Mr. Don Harrell

| Deanery 10

Clergy: The Reverend Will Crist

Lay: Mr. Michael Morris


| Deanery 1

Clergy:  The Reverend Lawrence Brown

Trinity Church Fillmore, CA 

Lay: Mr. Steve Seebach

| Deanery 2

Clergy: The Reverend Dan Justin

St. Michael’s Church Studio City, CA

Lay: Mr. Brendan Krabach

| Deanery 3

Clergy: The Very Reverend Canon James Newman

 St. Bede’s Church

Lay: Canon Annette V. Graw

| Deanery 4

Clergy: The Reverend Michael S. Bell – Good Samaritan Hospital (Pastoral Care Dept.)

Lay: Canon Roy Salmon

| Deanery 5

Clergy: The Reverend Carri Grindon – St. Mark’s Church Altadena, CA

Lay: Mr. Dino Kidde

| Deanery 6

Clergy: The Rev. Keith Yamamoto – St. Mark’s Church Upland, CA

Lay: Ms. Jullie McCurdy

| Deanery 7

Clergy: The Reverend Mary Crist 

Lay: Mr. Neil Hartschum

| Deanery 8

Clergy: The  Reverend Arthur Toro  – Holy Communion Church Gardena, CA

Lay: Ms Shelly Crilly

| Deanery 9

Clergy: The Reverend Kay Sylvester

Lay: Ms Morgan Mullins

| Deanery 10

Clergy: The Reverend Canon Mary Crist