2024 Diocesan Budget Proposal

View the proposed 2024 consolidated budget, here.

A skilled team works together at the direction of Bishop John Harvey Taylor to assure strong investment, accounting and stewardship resources for well-being of the Diocese of Los Angeles and its congregations. 


Canon Andrew Tomat, an accomplished corporate development executive with a 25-year track record of growing Fortune 500 companies, and a parishioner of St. Barnabas’ Church, Pasadena. Contact:

Diocesan Director of Finance

The Rev. Susan Stanton
213.482.2040, ext. 233 |

Canon for Congregational Support

Canon Gail Urquidi
ext. 270 |

Links below will lead to information that is valuable for administrators and treasurers of congregations and institutions of the diocese, as well as investors in the Diocesan Investment Trust.

Some of the following documents are availble in PDF format. To read them, you will need Adobe Reader: it is available for free download here

Mission Share Fund Budget

For the current MSF budget, click here.

For a pledge form, email to

The Bishop as Corporation Sole

Consolidated Financial Statements

Business Affairs for Congregations

Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs (The Episcopal Church)

Credit Union

Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union

Diocesan Investment Trust

DIT pages

DIT trustees (Page in Transition)