Mission Share Fund

The Mission Share Fund (MSF) consists of contributions from individual congregations of the Diocese of Los Angeles for the collective ministry of the Diocese. It provides for ministries that are best carried out at a diocesan level; funds outreach and formation, mission and congregational development, New Community ministries, stewardship and care; staffs the offices of Advancement, and Formation and Transition Ministry; maintains Episcopal facilities and grounds; and provides EDLA’s 15% annual contribution to The Episcopal Church. 

By contributing to the Mission Share Fund, each congregation takes part in the ministry of the whole Diocese, the church-wide program and the Anglican Communion. The Church is a community: the Diocese, every congregation and every parishioner has obligations that must be fulfilled. Just as the Diocese fulfills its obligations to the Episcopal Church and its church-wide program helps to support the Anglican Communion, each congregation is called to contribute fully to the Mission Share Fund.

Each congregation gives to the Diocese a percentage of the income it receives from parishioners’ pledges and from money offered at worship services, also known as NOI (normal operating income). At a special meeting on September 14, 1996, Diocesan Convention resolved that the asking formula for giving by parishes be 15% of NOI, with a minimum level of 12%. Mission congregations give 10% of their pledge and plate income. Contributing to the Mission Share Fund is not optional—each congregation is required to give. Some parishes have reached or exceeded the 15% goal.  

If you have questions or require assistance, or need another pledge form for your congregation, please email finance@ladiocese.org

Financial Audits

Financial audits are due to the diocese annually by September 1. Audits must include a certificate or report of the audit as well as the audited financials, including but not limited to the year-end balance sheet and profit & loss statements. (Diocesan C&C, Canon VI, section 6.02)

If you have questions or require assistance, please email finance@ladiocese.org or swylie@ladiocese.org

Insurance Information

Per Canon 6.03, each Parish and Mission shall at all times maintain policies of property, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance consistent with minimum standards established from time to time by the Bishop acting on the advice of the Corporation of the Diocese. Annually, each Parish and Mission shall report the following to the Treasurer of the Diocese here for each policy of insurance:
1.) the name of the issuing insurer; 2.) the policy number; 3.) the effective and expiration date; 4.) the limits of liability of coverage; and
5.) such other information and documentation as may be requested by the Treasurer of the Diocese.

Director of Finance & CFO

The Rev. Susan Stanton
213.482.2040, ext. 233 | sstanton@ladiocese.org


Ms. Martha Macias
213.482.2040, ext. 268 | mmacias@ladiocese.org

Treasurer of the Diocese

Canon Andy Tomat

Accounts Receivable Manager

Ms. Carla Burgess
213.482.2040, ext. 229 | cburgess@ladiocese.org

Accounts Payable Manager

Ms. Melania Garibay
213.482.2040, ext. 214 | mgaribay@ladiocese.org

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Julie Kelly
213.482.2040, ext. 227 | jkelly@ladiocese.org