Commisions & Program Groups

Bishop’s Commissions

Diocesan commissions are appointed by the bishop as seem useful to the mission of the diocese, and as required by the Canons of the Episcopal Church.

• Bishop’s Commission on Architecture and Land Use

Leadership in transition.

Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change

Chair: The Rev. Canon Melissa McCarthy

Bishop’s Commission on Gospel Justice and Community Care

Chair: Sister Patricia Sarah Terry
Staff Liaison: Canon Bob Williams

Bishop’s Commission on Liturgy and Music

Chair: The Rev. Michelle Baker-Wright
Staff Liaison: The Rev. Canon Susan Russell

• Bishop’s Commission on Ministry

Co-Chairs: The Rev. Lyn Crow and Canon Jim White
Staff Liaisons:
The Rev. Canon Thomas Quijata-Discavage, Canon for Formation & Transition Ministry
The Rev. Norma Guerra, Associate for Formation & Transition Ministry

Program Groups of Diocesan Council

Program Groups of Diocesan Council exist to help the Bishop and his staff in formulating and carrying out plans and programs approved by Diocesan Convention. The Bishop appoints all members of the program groups for three-year terms in accordance with the Diocesan Canons (Canon XIX, Sections 19.07 through 19.12).

• Communications and Public Affairs

Chair: Marisol Barrios Perez
Staff Liaison: Canon Bob Williams

• Ecumenical and Interreligious Life

Chair: Ravi Verma

• GLEAM: LGBTQ Ministry

Chair: The Rev. Christopher Montella

• Global Partnerships

Chair: Kim Ericson
Jerusalem Committee Chair: Randy Heyn-Lamb

• Mission Congregations

Chair: The Rev. Canon Kelli Grace Kurtz

• New Community

Leadership Team:  the Rev. Carlos Ruvalcaba, the Rev. Roberto Martinez, and the Rev. Antonio Gallardo for Latinx ministry; Canon Suzanne Edwards-Acton and the Rev. John Limo for Black ministries; the Rev. Dr. Mary Crist for Indigenous ministry; the Rev. Brent Quines for Asian American ministries, as well as Filipino ministry; and under the EAM umbrella is the Rev. Dr. Fennie Chang for Chinese ministry, the Rev. Yein Kim and the Rev. Aiden Koh for Korean ministry, and Ms. Ann Ito for Japanese ministry, and the Rev. Peter Huang for The Gathering

• Social Justice (PRISM, IRIS, Sacred Resistance)

In formation.

• Stewardship and Financial Sustainability

Leadership in transition.

• Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Chair: Gabe Vazquez-Reyes

• Wellness (AIDS/HIV, Recovery, Accessibilities, Mental Health, Parish Nurses)

In formation.