Communications Resources

Find here information, assistance, and practical resources for engaging our shared mission of communication of the good news of God in Christ, including the narratives of the “Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement,” as so named by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

Communications Gifts of the Spirit Workshop, January 2021

Digital Media Strategies for Congregations

Presenters: Ms. Marisol Barrios Perez, program group chair and principal partner of Mission Driven PR
Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith, communicator and warden of St. Paul’s, Ventura
Mr. Payton Hoegh, communications director for the Jubilee Consortium and Seeds of Hope.
Canon Bob Williams, Canon for Common Life for EDLA
Presenter bios & contact emails

COVID-19 Response

Amid the present health crisis, church and congregational communication have taken on increased signigficance. Review the latest Diocesan resources on COVID-19, here.

Digital Discipleship

“Sharing Your Good News Online”: PowerPoint of a practical, how-to session presented at Ministry Fair 2020 by Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith and Drew Darby of St. Paul’s, Ventura,

Communications Staff

Canon for Common Life
Canon Robert Williams
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Editor, The Episcopal News
Canon Janet Kawamoto
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Correspondent, The Episcopal News
The Rev. Canon Patricia McCaughan