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Episcopal Schools

The community of Episcopal schools in the Diocese of Los Angeles currently serves approximately 9,600 children whose racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds reflect the exciting diversity of Southern California. Representing a variety of educational approaches, the schools have in common a primary purpose of modeling and teaching the Christian faith in the Anglican tradition. Christian values and virtues are modeled through the great stories of the Christian faith, individual lives, corporate worship and the interaction of the teachers, administrators, clergy and students in each school family. The schools and congregations of the Diocese offer students education of the highest quality in a variety of settings and communities.

The Commission on Schools continues its work of encouraging and fostering a strong Episcopal identity within and among the Episcopal schools in the diocese. In this regard, the Commission continues its program of certifying schools through regular visits. The executive director and members of the Commission also consult with heads, rectors, vestries and school boards and promote the professional growth of teachers and administrators through the sponsorship of regular conferences, workshops and other training events. The Commission facilitates and encourages professional networking within the diocesan school family and disseminates information to families inquiring about Episcopal school opportunities.

In addition, the Commission serves diocesan schools and fulfills its responsibilities under Canon 18.03, by publishing a Directory of Schools; by annually surveying schools to secure and disseminate information on tuition, salaries and benefits; by administering the Franklin Grant program; by representing diocesan schools in the California Association of Private Schools Organizations; and by providing schools with legislative information and updates.

The work of the Commission on Schools is accomplished by its chair, the Rev. Canon Julian Bull, its members and executive director. In addition to the many hours of volunteer time contributed by members, the schools support the Commission’s work through dues, donations and administrative assistance.


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