Prayer Book Revision 

The Episcopal Church is in the midst of a years-long process of considering if, when and how to revise the current Book of Common Prayer — last updated in 1979. Since these are decisions that can only be made by our General Convention, any next steps will take place when the 81st General Convention convenes in June 2024 in Louisville KY. Updates on that evolving process will be posted here.

“The Book of Common Prayer in this Church is intended to be communal and devotional prayer enriched by our church’s cultural, geographical, and linguistic contexts. The Book of Common Prayer shall contain both public worship and private devotion. The Book of Common Prayer, as now established or hereafter amended by the General Convention, shall be in use in all the Dioceses of this Church.”
General Convention Resolution 2022-A059

Episcopal News Service feature on Prayer Book Revision (July 2022) – An overview of the actions taken at the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, including the current status of the Prayer Book Revision Process.

In Spirit & Truth: A Vision of Episcopal Worship – A book of essays inviting conversation about the direction of our worship life in general and prayer book revision in particular.


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