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A Great Resource to Help You With Live Streaming

Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith

Recently, I’ve been involved in a number of livestream activities: at work, church and with organizations I’m involved in. Live stream is ideal for this time because:


  • The barriers to entry are low (no cost);
  • The technologies are generally ones we’re using;
  • Can be done via phone or computer;
  • The process is fairly easy; and
  • Live streams can really help boost engagement…and create a sense of connection, which is so critical right now.


We’ve all been on live streams that didn’t work well, for any number of reasons (including bandwidth). Want to goof-proof your next effort? Read this  article from Hootsuite Blog (my favorite). It’s almost a master class and provides easy-to-follow steps for:


  • Using Facebook Live
  • Mastering Instagram Live
  • Surprising your professional contacts by going live on LinkedIn. (My drumbeat for you is that LinkedIn is under-utilized by many of us, and it’s a great platform with robust features that supports live video and publishing. Use it!)
  • How to go live on Twitter
  • How to go live on YouTube


Bonus? Seven tips for successful live streaming.


Bookmark this article. (I did!)


Photo by Tye Doring on Unsplash