Commission on Ministry Calendar

Discernment Calendar Overview

Described below is the general flow of the discernment process to help in planning for committee work, interviews, and formation. Please note, these are general dates; to confirm a specific date, contact the Diocesan Office of Formation and Transition Ministry (OFTM). The below steps are identified only briefly here for purposes of describing the timeline. For more details about any of these steps, please check the Discernment Process Steps entry under Resources for Discerners.

Year One: Congregational Discernment

This process begins with individual discernment, conversations with one’s ordained leadership, and ultimately, the formation of a congregational discernment committee (CDC).  The CDC process should take as long as it needs to, usually around a year.  When complete, a report is produced, approved by the vestry/BC of the sponsoring congregation and submitted to the diocese.  The ending of the CDC process, while on its own schedule, will then fold into an established schedule of deadlines and interviews:

Submit completed report and nomination form to the OFTM.
Other documents as requested by the OFTM are submitted.  An interview with the Bishop is scheduled.
Submit any remaining documentation to the OFTM.
September DDY interviews – meet with the Commission on Ministry (COM) to determine if one proceeds to the Diocesan Discernment Year (DDY)

Year Two: Diocesan Discernment

This process places the nominee in another congregation in the diocese for further discernment.

DDY year begins at the new congregation, and a discernment committee is formed.
In the following year DDY reports are submitted to the OFTM.
Next Steps interviews with COM, to determine if discerner proceeds to postulancy or a different ministry path.

Year Three and Following: Postulancy

Postulancy begins in November after the October interviews, and may take up to four years depending on what formation plan is identified for the postulant. For example, if an MDiv is required, this is generally a three-year program.  If a Diaconal Studies program is required, this usually takes two years. In addition, the diocese may require postulancy trainings – usually one day workshops – and CPE – a 3-6 month program to complete formation.  The following dates begin in the year when formation is nearly complete.

Postulancy begins
CPE must be complete and CPE reports submitted in order to be invited to the Candidacy interviews.  Submit any other required documents to the OFTM prior to February interviews.
Candidacy interviews with COM to determine if postulant proceeds to candidacy or a different ministry path.


Candidacy begins after February interviews, and continues until formation is complete.  The following dates begin the year when all formation is complete.

Submit Final formation documents to OFTM.
Final recommendation for ordination to transitional or vocational diaconate by COM and Standing Committee.
Ordination to Transitional Diaconate for presbyteral candidates, Vocational Diaconate for diaconal candidates.
Final Recommendation for ordination to priesthood for presbyteral candidates by COM and Standing Committee.

Ordination to priesthood for presbyteral candidates.