At Diocesan Convention on Nov. 10, meeting at the Riverside Convention Center, the following candidates for diocesan offices ran unopposed and were elected by acclamation:

Canterbury Irvine director: Joyce Swaving

Canterbury USC director: Christopher James

Canterbury Westwood director: Christie Mossman

COM – clergy: The Rev. Michael Sahdev

Diocesan Council – Clergy: The Rev. John Feuss

Hillsides trustee: Michael Robinson

HFS Adoption board member: Ryan Harlow-Nakano

Secretary of Convention: Canon Steven Nishibayashi

Standing Committee – Clergy: The Rev. Kate Cress

Standing Committee – Lay: Terry Knowles

Several seats were open for the Corporation of the Diocese, all candidates were elected by acclamation. Subsequent votes determined which candidates will fill three-year full terms and which will fill shorter unexpired terms.

On the first ballot:

Corporation of the Diocese, three year term: Elizabeth (Betsy) Densmore and Charlotte Borst

Diocesan Investment Trust trustee: Peter Reinke

On the second ballot:

Corporation of the Diocese, two-year term: Mary Pierson

Corporation of the Diocese, one-year term: Joseph Warren