My scrapbook from my conversation last Friday at St. John’s Cathedral in Los Angeles with Jim Wallis, the leading progressive evangelical theologian and practitioner of our time, discussing his new bestseller, The False White Gospel: Rejecting Christian Nationalism, Reclaiming True Faith, and Refounding Democracy. I’m grateful to the Very Rev. Anne Sawyer for her hospitality and the invitation to moderate.

You can watch the whole thing here.

On the front lines of faith and justice for over half a century, Jim’s comments and insights cover the waterfront. Two things leapt out for me. It hasn’t hit the news yet, but Jim said the perennial swing state of Ohio purged 6,000 voters from the rolls recently, most of them people of African descent. His voter rights organization, working closely with Black churches, is already on the case, with re-registration expected to be part of the holy work of the Third Sunday of Easter. More ominously, he predicted violence in November, whatever the outcome.