My album from today’s commencement ceremonies at Bloy House, The Episcopal Theological School at Los Angeles, where Miriam Helene Edwards, Karen James, Jonathan Timothy Stoner, and Joshua Wong were recognized and celebrated for completing courses of study as we gave thanks for the life and witness of lifelong Episcopalian Thurgood Marshall.

The Episcopal Church remembers Marshall on May 17, the day the Supreme Court ruled in 1954 against the segregationist doctrine of separate-but-equal in public education, a ruling Marshall had championed as the NAACP’s attorney. President Johnson appointed him to the Supreme Court in 1967, our first justice of African descent.

I was along to preach and celebrate Holy Eucharist, assisted by our former archdeacon, the Rev. Joanne Leslie. Bloy House’s president and dean, the Very Rev. Gary Hall and Linda Tolin Allport, presided as diplomas and other honors were awarded.

After lunch, the Bloy House board, which I chair, had its first in-person meeting in over three years. What a joy to be back with such devoted colleagues. Among other things we elected Canon Steve Nishibayashi, retiring after 18 years as board vice president, as trustee emeritus.