In “The American President,” after a fictional POTUS gives a dazzling speech, an aide predicts that the press corps would be falling over themselves doublechecking how to spell erudite. I had the same kind of reaction after hearing the late Frank Griswold speak at a Virginia Theological Seminary dinner in 2018, during The Episcopal Church’s general convention in Austin. It was the old school speaking timeless truths to the new, a brief, cogent talk about forming well-educated, spirituality-grounded, empathetic leaders for the 21st century church. Canon for Common Life Bob Williams has shared many stories about his travels with with the companionable, Pennsylvania-born 25th presiding bishop, who died today in Philadelphia at age 85. Bishops are heading off first thing this week to Camp McDowell, Alabama for our spring House of Bishops meeting, where we will no doubt begin by counting all the blessings Frank was and is to the church of our risen savior. May all the angels of heaven attend him, his spouse, Phoebe, and their children, Eliza and Hannah.