Historic Church of the Epiphany — Los Angeles, focal point of the Chicano and farmworker rights movements over a half-century ago, is in the midst of a two-day “festival of discovery,” reflecting on Epiphany past while envisioning an abundant future as headquarters of the Lydia Lopez Center for Community Empowerment. Canon Lopez, herself a legendary activist and justice advocate and longtime member of All Saints Episcopal Church Pasadena, died in January 2023.

We kicked things off tonight with a festive eve of Epiphany reception featuring David Holguin’s The Flamenco Souls and remarks by devoted friends of Lydia, Canon Bob Williams and Grace R. Dyrness. Helping plan the weekend were outgoing Epiphany priest in charge the Rev. Jose Luis Garcia, his successor the Rev. John Watson, and another living community organizing legend, the Rev. Richard Estrada, Epiphany’s assisting priest.

I was along to join Fr. John in welcoming our guests and giving thanks for the opportunity to reclaim the feast of the Epiphany from toxic distortions of Christian faith that associated themselves with a Trump mob’s desecration of the U.S. Capitol three years ago tomorrow. The festival continues Saturday with a panel discussion on immigration justice tomorrow at 2 p.m., followed by a gala dinner.