Vaccination Voices

Get the vaccine; it’s safe and effective, medical experts tell fellow Episcopalians

by  | Jan 27, 2021

Carl Kubota, junior warden at St. Mary’s Church in Los Angeles, the diocese’s historic Japanese American congregation, initially had some reservations about receiving the coronavirus vaccine, mostly because of its speedy approval.

But as cases spiked throughout Los Angeles county, and after losing a cousin to the virus, Kubota, 54, a physical therapy supervisor at Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, changed his mind. “I just felt this vaccine is the only way to get ahead of this, to control it. I felt it was necessary to protect myself and my family.”

Receiving both doses, he said, felt like getting a seasonal flu vaccination or a tetanus booster shot: “I had a sore arm for a day, but that was about it.”

Now, he and other Southland Episcopalians are encouraging vaccinations…