The Episcopal News Weekly is a bulletin insert designed for use in congregations of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. The Weekly was launched by the Office of Communication in November 2012.

The Weekly features news of the diocese, as well as the Episcopal Church and/or the Anglican Communion; a message from one of the bishops of the diocese; a list of selected upcoming events; and more. It is intended to supplement the weekly email Episcopal News Update (subscribe here) and the bi-monthly Episcopal News online magazine.

Like the Episcopal News Update, the Weekly follows a biweekly schedule from mid-June to mid-August.

All issues are produced in color, but may be copied in black and white. In either case, white paper is suggested for best photo reproduction. All inserts are letter size (8-1/2 x 11 inches), and may be folded in half for insertion in any Sunday bulletin.

A link to each week’s insert is posted on this page. The Weekly is usually posted on Wednesday or Thursday (for the following Sunday).

For content information, questions, corrections or suggestions, contact Janet Kawamoto, editor, at

To inquire about advertising, contact Bob Williams, canon for Common Life, at