Diocesan Budget Information


Chancellor's Memorandum re MSF Assessments

Re: Authority Under EDLA Constitution and Canons for Imposition of Assessments on Parishes and Missions for Funding of the Mission Share Fund, and Authority to Impose Penalties on Parishes and Missions in Arrears of Payment of Assessments. Read the full memo here.

Report of the 2022 Joint Budget Committee

Appointed by Bishop Taylor, the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) comprises members of Diocesan Council and directors of the Corporation of the Diocese (COTD). It is convened by Canon Andy Tomat, the Diocesan treasurer, and advised and assisted by the chief financial officer, the Rev. Susan Stanton. The committee and its subcommittees met frequently from July through October to review proposed expenses and income. Through discernment of significant fundamental changes to income and expenses, the JBC produced a balanced budget of $11,628,673 on a consolidated basis, with $4,577,500 coming from the Mission Share Fund (MSF) portion, which convention is asked to approve. COTD and the Bishop as Corporation Sole (“Corp Sole”) have already approved their portions. Read the full report here.

Detailed Budget and Memo from the Director of Finance

Memorandum from the Director of Finance, the Rev. Susan Stanton, regarding the 2023 Diocesan Consolidated Budget with detailed tables. Read the full memo here.