Elections were held at Diocesan Convention 2021, with delegates and clergy voting both in person and via the internet at the Diocese of Los Angeles’ first-ever hybrid convention, meeting on Nov. 13 in Riverside.

Officers elected are:

Director, Canterbury Irvine
*Joyce Swaving

Director, Canterbury USC
*Catherine Wagar

Canterbury Westwood
*Artur Grigorian

Commission on Ministry (clergy)
The Rev. Kay Sylvester

Commission on Ministry (lay)
*Wendy Edwards

Director, Corporation of the Diocese (clergy)
*The Rev. Michael Corrigan

Director, Corporation of the Diocese (lay)
*Ravi Verma
*Marc Weniger

Member, Diocesan Council (clergy)
The Rev. William Wallace

Member, Diocesan Council (lay)
Ken Higginbotham

Trustee, Diocesan Investment Trust
*Andy Tomat

Trustee, Hillsides
*The Rev. Ed Sniecienski

Board member, Holy Family Services
*The Rev. Nathan Biornstad

Secretary of Convention
*Canon Steven Nishibayashi

Member, Standing Committee (clergy)
The Rev. Lester Mackenzie

Member, Standing Committee (lay)
*Rose Hayden-Smith

A full report on Diocesan Convention will be posted on Monday, Nov. 15.

* Candidate ran unopposed and was elected by acclamation. In the case of lay member of the Corporation of the Diocese, two candidates were nominated and two were to be elected.