[Commission on Ministry] How is God calling you?

We’re often surprised that God calls us … all of us. Today’s world pulls us in so many directions that it’s sometimes hard to discern. Have you been wondering where God is calling you in your life, your work, your church and beyond? Have you tried to ignore that inner voice, but it keeps bubbling up? Have you been wondering what your next step on your faith journey might be?

The Commission on Ministry (COM) in the Diocese of Los Angeles wants to help those seeking answers to these questions. Please join us for a Discernment Information Gathering (DIG) on Saturday, March 16, 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. at St. Paul’s Commons as we explore what answering a call can mean in your life.

Whether you think you might be called to ordained ministry, you’re looking for new inspiration in your lay ministry, you want to be prepared to serve on a congregational discernment committee, or you are just curious about what discernment means, this gathering is for you.

The day will include defining discernment, group discernment exercises, and an explanation of the orders of ministry. It will also include breakout sessions led by experts from around the diocese:

  • Opportunities for Lay Leaders
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Education Pathways
  • Chaplaincy
  • Congregational Discernment Committee Training*
  • Education for Ministry (EfM)
  • Lay Licensing
  • Ordination Process for Priests and Deacons
  • Sponsoring Clergy Responsibilities.

The cost for the DIG is $25 per person and includes lunch. Registration is required; sign up here. For more information contact COM member Cameron Johnson at cjohnson@stcross.org or 310.415.0288. St. Paul’s Commons is located at 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles.

*Those wishing to attend ONLY the Congregational Discernment Committee (CDC) training may do so at no charge. Please contact Cameron Johnson directly to register for CDC training only.