Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry and newsman Al Roker, two of the world’s most famous Episcopalians, are pictured in the introduction to “A Case for Love,” a feature-length film taking the audience coast to coast, situating moving stories of everyday acts of unselfish love in the context of Bishop Curry’s teachings. Brian Ide’s Grace-Based Films produced the film, released nationwide today.

Kathy Hannigan O’Connor (who knows both famous Episcopalians) and I and a couple dozen fellow TECers caught the evening show tonight at the Santa Anita Mall. Eagle-eyed viewers will catch glimpses of such Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles members as Colleen Dodson Baker, Steve Fleenor, and Carl Anderson.

Go here to join the Case for Love movement and download your journal for the 30-day “A Month of Unselfish Love” challenge.