At a beautiful baccalaureate service Friday night on sprawling Chalmers Field, with vesper sunlight peeking through the June gloom, we gave thanks for 124 sorrow- and pandemic-tested St. Margaret’s Episcopal School graduates and commended them to their world-changing work in a world that, at the rate it’s going, will need all the change they have.

Northwestern-bound Trey T. Kingsley offered an inspiring salutatorian’s address and I, as board chair, the baccalaureate address. It was a blessing to join head of school Will Moseley in presenting the annual Bishop’s Spirituality Award to Justin O’Donnell, a longtime member of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church along with his parents and sister.

Playing a leadership role in Justin’s selection, as they do all year on this bustling San Juan Capistrano campus, were the amazing St. Margaret’s rector, the Rev. Canon Robert Edwards, and his equally amazing priest and chaplain colleagues, the Revs. Earl Gibson, James Livingston, Vienna McCarthy, and KC Robertson.

After the ceremony, Robert and Michelle Edwards had all of us, including Canon Kathy Hannigan O’Connor, over for dinner and rich conversation. We got to work on several of the world’s problems, but the Tartan Class of 2022 will still have to close the deal.