My God things usually come two by two. Spending the day together in Pasadena, younger daughter Lindsay and I saw Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City.” Played by Jason Schwartzman, a father tells his four children, whose mother has died, “Let’s say she’s in heaven, which doesn’t exist for me, of course, but you’re Episcopalian.” Our denomination doesn’t come up that often in a theatrical feature.

Heading back to the mighty Honda, we saw that every car had a religious tract tucked under a windshield wiper. Getting it home, I realized it was a 2003 newsletter from notorious cultist and child sexual predator Tony Alamo, who died in prison in 2017. Who saves this trash for 20 years and then papers a parking lot with it? The lead article denounced The Episcopal Church for standing up for marriage equity. That’s two — and as off-beat as a scene in a Wes Anderson movie.