At the 123rd meeting of Diocesan Convention, held at the Ontario Convention Center Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, elections to some 15 diocesan offices — carried out this year for the first time by electronic voting —  were completed.

Director, Canterbury Irvine (Episcopal chaplaincy at the University of California, Irvine)
Susan Brown

Director, Canterbury USC (Episcopal chaplaincy at the University of Southern California)
The Rev. Catherine Wagar

Director, Canterbury Westwood (Episcopal chaplaincy at the University of California, Los Angeles)
John Hirning

Director, Corporation of the Diocese (clergy)
The Rev. Michael Corrigan

Directors, Corporation of the Diocese (lay; two to be elected)
Stephen Ensberg
Ravi Verma

Member, Diocesan Council (clergy)
The Rev. William Wallace

Member, Diocesan Council (lay)
Ken Higginbotham

Trustee, Diocesan Investment Trust
John Brunson

Secretary of Convention
Steve Nishibayashi

Member, Standing Committee (clergy)
The Rev. Canon Gary Hall, four-year term
The Rev. Daniel Justin, one-year term

Member, Standing Committee (lay)
Ivan Gutierrez

Board member, HFS (Holy Family Services)
Dedo Kidde

Commission on Ministry (clergy)
The Rev. Stefanie Wilson-Brown

Commission on Ministry (lay)
Parker Garrett