Damáris de Jesús

Damáris de Jesús, clinical psychologist specializing in leadership and organizational development, will lead a two-day retreat for clergy and lay leaders, titled “Managing Stress While Feeding Hungry Hearts,” sponsored Friday and Saturday, June 21 – 22, by The Program Group on Hispanic Ministries.

The program, which will be conducted in Spanish, will take place at the Cathedral Center of St. Paul at 840 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles 90026; participants will be housed at its retreat center.

According to the event announcement, participants will learn that “in addition to the person-centered intervention to prevent and reduce stress, there is the alternative of focusing the intervention on the demands of the environment. This alternative within the ministerial scope, consists in intervening directly on the environment in which the ministry develops: its norms, roles, demands, structure, functioning, etc. by analyzing and modifying the risk factors that may be present in the work environment; for example:

  • Organizational culture.
  • Overload of work and exposure to physical risks.
  • Understanding of functions and expectations of the organization.
  • Pay attention to individual differences.
  • Social support from colleagues and superiors.
  • Training to provide leaders with the necessary skills to carry out their ministries.
  • Degree of influence of the leaders on the way of doing or organizing their ministry.
  • Interpersonal conflicts.”

Cost, including meals and accommodations, is $140 per person, or $70 without lodging. For registration with lodging, click here.  For registration without lodging, click here.