The Rev. Nancy Frausto

Members of the media team from the Episcopal Church Center in New York will film an instructed Spanish-language Eucharist – dubbed “How2charist” — at Church of the Epiphany, Los Angeles, on Saturday, Nov. -17.

They need at least 100 – 150 “extras” to be the congregation for the filming, and invite members of the diocesan community to join them on set and on camera. The Rev. Nancy Frausto, assistant at St. Luke’s Church, Long Beach, will be the celebrant.

The footage, taken by professional filmmakers, will be part of a Spanish-language digital film that will be available as a free resource for all Episcopalians and churches, allowing them to learn more about the mystery of the Eucharist.

The filmmakers need a diverse cast of extras for this fun half-day of filming on Nov. 17. Lunch will be provided. Spanish-language ability is not required. For more details and to sign up, click here.