The following were elected to offices by the convention of the Diocese of Los Angeles, meeting in Ontario Dec. 5 – 6.

Director, Canterbury Irvine
Louise Stover

Director, Canterbury USC
Patsy Brierly

Director, Canterbury Westwood
John Hirning

Commission on Ministry
Clergy: The Rev. David Erickson
Lay: Mary Chalon

Director, Corporation of the Diocese
Lay: William Green
William Hawkins
Julie Dean Larson

Diocesan Council
Clergy: The Rev. Michael Fincher
Lay: Ken Higginbotham

Diocesan Investment Trust
Sherman Telleen

Board member, Holy Family Services
John Thies

Secretary of Convention
Janet Wylie

Standing Committee
Clergy: The Rev. Abel Lopez (4-year term)
The Rev. Michael Archer (1-year term)
Lay: Patsy Brierley