Bishop’s Commission on Climate Change Roster

| Commission Leadership

The Rt. Rev. John Harvey Taylor, Bishop Diocesan,

Convener: The Rev. Canon Melissa McCarthy, Canon to the Ordinary,

Secretary: Dr. Rose Hayden-Smith,  St. Paul’s, Ventura | Education Subcommittee

Staff Liaison: Canon Bob Williams,, St. James’, Los Angeles | General Convention Resolutions Subcommittee

| Committee Members

 Kate Varley Alonso, All Saints, Beverly Hills and St. Martin in-the-Fields, Winnetka | Education Subcommittee Co-Chair

Christine Budzowski | Resolutions Committee

Kathy Cartelli, St. Andrew’s, Irvine | Disaster Resiliency Subcommittee 

Becky Casenhiser | Education Subcommittee

Kaley Casenhiser | Education Subcommittee

Russ Casenhiser | Education Subcommittee

Deborah Clancy, St. Peter’s, San Pedro | Disaster Resiliency Subcommittee

Jean Foster, St. Peter’s, San Pedro | Disaster Resiliency Subcommittee

Ann Kinney-Eittinger, St. Athanasius, Echo Park | Education Subcommittee

Ed Garren, St. James in the City, Los Angeles | Chair – Solar Panels Subcommittee

The Rev. Tim Hartley, Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel | Advocacy Subcommittee

Payton Hoegh, St. Stephen’s, Hollywood | Education Subcommittee

Megan Johnson, St. Stephen’s, Santa Clarita | Advocacy Subcommittee

Casey Jones, Virginia Theological Seminary | Subcommittee TBD

Dr. Lucy Jones, St. James’, South Pasadena | Disaster Resiliency Subcommittee, Chair

The Rev. Liz Kronenberg, St. John’s, La Verne | Solar Panels Subcommittee

David Matthews, All Saints, Oxnard | Advocacy Subcommittee 

Josh McGuffie, Ascension, Sierra Madre | General Convention Resolutions Subcommittee 

Nadia Momtaz, St. Margaret’s School, San Juan Capistrano | Chair –  Advocacy Subcommittee 

Mike Morris | Resolutions Subcommittee

Dr. Sally Ness, All Saints, Pasadena | General Convention Resolutions Subcommittee

Dr. Mary Nichols, St. James’ in the City, Los Angeles | Vice-Chair, Disaster Resiliency Subcommittee

The Rev. George Okusi, St. John the Divine, Costa Mesa  | Education Subcommittee

The Rev. Josh Paget, St. Cross, Hermosa Beach | Education Subcommittee

Grant Power, St. Athanasius, Echo Park | Advocacy Subcommittee

Bill Prescott, Prince of Peace, Woodland Hills | Education Subcommittee

Gloria Sefton, St. John Chrysostom, Rancho Santa Margarita | Advocacy Subcommittee

Steve Slaten, All Saints, Riverside | Solar Panels Subcommittee

Hannah Sobota, St. Mark’s, Altadena | Subcommittee TBD

Scott Sternberg, St. Martin in the Fields, Winnetka | Solar Panels Subcommittee

The Rev. Daniel Tamm, Deacon – All Saints’, Beverly Hills | Advocacy Subcommittee, Chair

Daniel Valdez, Diocesan Council Representative, Board Chair – Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union, All Saints’, (Los Angeles) Highland Park | Solar Panels Subcommittee

Paula Walker,, St. Mark’s, Altadena | Education Subcommittee Co-Chair

Heather Woodbury, St. Athanasius, Echo Park | Subcommittee TBD

Samantha Wylie, Convention Coordinator | Resolutions Subcommittee