Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Thank you for engaging the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer; your intercessions are greatly appreciated within the diocesan community. The Cycle of Prayer is currently in the process of being updated. Additional months will be posted as they become available. Please send any corrections to media@ladiocese.org. Commemorations are drawn from the book A Great Cloud of Witnesses (Church Publishing, 2016).


Sunday, December 1 [Advent I; Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon; Charles de Foucauld, Hermit and Martyr; World AIDS Day]. *Congregations: Church of the Advent, Los Angeles (1925). Clergy: Richard Gillett (1960), Richard Lincoln (1976), Bruce Freeman (1986); Organizations: The Gooden Center, Pasadena (1962); Urban Initiatives, Pasadena (1995).

Monday, December 2 [Channing Moore Williams, Bishop]. Clergy: Giles Asbury (1974); Karen Chavez, Jamesetta Hammons, Walter Johnson, Andrea Paddock, Margaret H. McCauley, deacons (2006).  

Wednesday, December 3 [Francis Xavier, Missionary]. Clergy: David Starr (2005); Widows: Bettina Barrett (George, 2000).

Friday, December 6 [Nicholas of Myra, Bishop]. Congregations: St. Nicholas, Encino (1941); St. Nicholas Korean Community (1977). Clergy: John Alexis Viereck (1975). 

Saturday, December 7 [Ambrose of Milan, Bishop]. Congregations: St. Ambrose, Claremont (1953).

Sunday, December 8 [Advent II; Richard Baxter]. Organizations: The Bishop’s Guild, Los Angeles (1914). Clergy: Julie Bryant (1996). 

Monday, December 9. Clergy: John Capellaro (1995). Widows: Stella Dixon (Leonard, 1998).

Tuesday, December 10 [Karl Barth and Thomas Merton, Theologians]. Clergy: Mark Gardner (1988), Joanna Hollis (2009). 

Wednesday, December 11. Clergy: Daniel Justin (2009). 

Thursday, December 12. [Virgen de Guadalupe]. Clergy: John Keester (1955), Daniel Ade (1992). 

Friday, December 13, [Lucy, Martyr]. Clergy: Enrico Gnasso (1964), Lee Walker (1973), Robert Honeychurch (1984), Onesimus Tayebwa (1992).

Saturday, December 14 [John of the Cross, Mystic]. Clergy: Charleen Crean (Deacon, 1986), Wilfredo Benitez (1991), Jon Anderson (2002), Nathan Rugh (2006), Patrick Crerar (2008). 

Sunday, December 15 [Advent III; John Horden, Bishop, and Robert McDonald, Priest]. Clergy: Lou Hemmers (1962), Brad Karelius (1971).

Monday, December 16. [Ralph Adams Cram and Richard Upjohn, Architects; Lohn LaFarge, Artist]. Clergy: David Clemons (1963), Clarke Prescott (1972), Joshua Lee (1997), Jorge Pallares (2006), Megan Holloway Ponsoldt (2007). 

Tuesday, December 17 [William Lloyd Garrison and Maria Stewart, Prophetic Witnesses]. Clergy: Richard Johns (1955), Raymond Fleming (1966), Margaret Ventris (2011). Widows: Marne Glass (Fredrick, 2009).

Wednesday, December 18. Clergy: William Ellington (1964); Nicole Janelle (2004), Farrell Graves (2010). 

Thursday, December 19 [Lillian Trasher, Missionary]. Clergy: John Larson (1959), David Mason, Richard Thomson (1962), Ronald Bauer (1965), Randall Day (1985), Brian Johnson (1992), Joseph Oloimooja (1999), Janet Hurley (2002), Paul Price (2004).

Friday, December 20 [Ember Day]. Clergy: Jerry Anderson (1968), Michael Bamberger (1981), Bishop Catherine Roskam (Priest, 1984), Scott Taylor (Deacon, 2014), Guy Leehmuis (Deacon, 2015). 

Saturday, December 21 [Thomas, Apostle]. Congregations: St. Thomas the Apostle (Hollywood), Los Angeles (1921); St. Thomas, Hacienda Heights (1963); Mar Thoma Church, Los Angeles (Glendora/1976). Clergy: Donald Stivers (1951); Connor Lynn (1956); Paul Edwards (1957); Dennis Odekirk (1963); Philip Strange (1965); George Six (1967); Charles Mitchell (1970); J. Robert Brown (1972); Brian Cox IV (1975); David Davidson-Methot, James Sprague (1979); Gary Commins (1980); Hugo Norro (1985); James J. Young (1988); Richard Burden (2009). Widows: Yoshimi Akiyoski (Mitsuo, 1998).

Sunday, December 22 [Henry Budd, Priest]. Clergy: Paul Edwards (1957), Charles Rowins (1969), George Okusi (1991). 

Monday, December 23. Clergy: David Crump (1953). 

Tuesday, December 24 [Christmas Eve]. Clergy: David Norgard (1984).

Wednesday, December 25 [Christmas Day]. Congregations: Please join with the diocese’s oldest continuing congregation, St. Athanasius, Echo Park, in celebrating the 155th anniversary of the parish’s first service, held Christmas Day, 1864; Messiah, Santa Ana (1883), Holy Nativity Church (Westchester), Los Angeles (1945), Immanuel, El Monte (1950), Prince of Peace, Woodland Hills (1960), Emmanuel, Fullerton (1973), Holy Child (Philippine Independent Church), Wilmington (1976). Institutions: Canterbury Westwood (UCLA), Los Angeles (1931). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem — Emmanuel, Ramleh.

Thursday, December 26 [Stephen, Martyr]. Congregations: St. Stephen’s (Hollywood), Los Angeles (1904); St. Stephen’s, Beaumont (1916); St. Stephen’s, Santa Clarita (1963). 

Friday, December 27 [John the Apostle]. Congregations: St. John’s, San Bernardino (1872), St. John’s, Wilmington (1882), St. John’s Cathedral, Los Angeles (1890), St. John the Evangelist, Needles (1906); St. John the Divine, Costa Mesa (1956); St. John’s, La Verne (1963). Clergy: David Perry (1966). Widows: Emily Miller (Frederic, 1995). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem — St. John the Evangelist, Haifa,

Saturday, December 28 [Holy Innocents]. Please join with national vigils held this day to end gun violence. Clergy: Marni Schneider, James Schrider (1986); Elizabeth Rechter (1991). 

Sunday, December 29 [Thomas Becket]. Congregations: St. Thomas of Canterbury, Long Beach (1947). Clergy: Adam McCoy OHC (1979), Alexandra Conrads (2001). Widows: Catherine Miller (Robert Larkin, 1993).

Tuesday, December 31 [Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Bishop]. Clergy: Ed Steever (Deacon, 1980). 



Friday, November 1, The Feast of All Saints. Congregations: All Saints, Pasadena (1883); All Saints’, Riverside (1884); All Saints by-the-Sea, Santa Barbara (1896); All Saints’, (Highland Park) Los Angeles (1904); All Saints’, Oxnard (1909); All Saints’, Beverly Hills (1929). Clergy: Helen Mountford (Deacon, 1985), Crawford Sachs (Deacon, 2000), Fernando Valdes (Deacon, 2015). Widows: Donna Reeves (Joseph, 2000). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem, All Saints, Beirut; All Saints International Anglican Church, Damascus.


Saturday, November 2 [Commemoration of All Faithful Departed]. Congregations: All Souls’ Chapel, Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles (1927).


Monday, November 4. Clergy: Roberto Maldonado (1989)


Thursday, November 7 [Willibrord, Archbishop and Missionary]. Clergy: Robert Bird (Deacon, 1998). 


Friday, November 8. Clergy: Khushnud Azariah (2009).


Monday, November 11, Martin of Tours; Veterans Day. Congregations: St. Martin in-the-Fields, Twentynine Palms (1949); St. Martin in-the-Fields, Winnetka (1950). 


Friday, November 15 [Francis Asbury & George Whitefield, Evangelists]. Diocesean Community and Staff;  Diocesan Convention: 123rd Annual Meeting opens in Riverside; Clergy: Norman Freeman (1997), Sue Beck (Deacon, 2007) .


Saturday, November 16 [Margaret of Scotland, Queen]. Diocesan Convention: 123rd annual meeting continues and adjourns in Riverside; Congregations: St. Margaret’s, South Gate (1944); St. Margaret of Scotland, San Juan Capistrano (1976). Clergy: Elizabeth Habecker (1977). 


Sunday, November 17 [Hugh, Robert Grosseteste, Bishops of Lincoln]. Clergy: Bruce Duncan (1991), Michael Cunningham (2007). Widows: Marilyn Taylor (Jess, 1991).


Monday, November 18 [Hilda of Whitby, Abbess]. Clergy: Richard Wagner (1984). 


Tuesday, November 19 [Elizabeth of Hungary, Princess]. Schools: Blessed Sacrament Children’s Learning Center, Placentia (1997).


Wednesday, November 20 [Edmund of East Anglia, King]. Congregations: St. Edmund’s, San Marino (1942). 


Friday, November 22 [Cecilia, Martyr; C.S. Lewis, Author]. Clergy: Joshua Ng (1998); Anne Benvenuti (2009).


Saturday, November 23 [Clement of Rome, Bishop]. Congregations: St. Clement’s, Huntington Park (1913); St. Clement’s by-the-Sea, San Clemente. Clergy: Nancy Shier (2002).


Sunday, November 24 [Feast of Christ the King]. Congregations: *The Church of Our Saviour, San Gabriel (1867); *Christ Church, Redondo Beach (1902); *Christ the Good Shepherd, Los Angeles (1939); *Christ the King, (Goleta) Santa Barbara (1968). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem, *Christ Church, Jerusalem (1849); *Christ Church, Nazareth (1871); *Christ Church/Theordor Schneller School, Marka; 


Tuesday, November 26 [Isaac Watts, Hymn Writer]. Clergy: Will Crist (1974).


Thursday, November 28 [Thanksgiving Day; Kamehameha and Emma, King and Queen of Hawaii]. Institutions: Good Samaritan Hospital (Thanksgiving Offering, 1899). Clergy: Howard Anderson (1993). 


Saturday, November 30 [St. Andrew, Apostle]. CongregationsSt. Andrew’s, Fullerton (1926); St. Andrew’s, Torrance (1927); St. Andrew’s, Ojai (1951); St. Andrew & St. Charles, Granada Hills (1957); St. Andrew’s, Irvine (1973). Organizations: Brotherhood of St. Andrew (1883). Clergy: Frank Hegedus (1974), Christopher Potter (1982). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem, St. Andrew’s, Ramallah 

 October 2019

Saturday, October 5. Clergy: Ann Symington (Deacon, 2002).

Friday, October 18 [Luke, evangelist]. Congregations: St. Luke the Physician, Monrovia (1891); St. Luke’s, Long Beach (1899); St. Luke’s of the Mountains, La Crescenta (1931). Clergy: Birbal Haldar (1966).

Monday, October 21. Clergy: Kelli Grace Kurtz (2006).

Friday, October 25. Clergy: Ivanildo Cavalcante (2003).

Saturday, October 26. [Tabitha (Dorcas) of Joppa]. Clergy: Scott Claassen (2014).

Sunday, October 27. Clergy: Frank Alton (2012), Joshua McGuffie (2007).

Monday, October 28 [Simon and Jude, apostles]. Congregations: St. Simon’s, San Fernando (1922). Clergy: Nickolas Griffith (2014).

Tuesday, October 29 [James Hannington, bishop, and his companions, martyrs]. Clergy: John Goldingay (1967).

Thursday, October 31 [Paul Shinji Sasaki and Philip Lendel Tsen, bishops]. Clergy: Roberto Limatu (1993), Jeff Wilhelm (2005), Hugh Tudor-Foley (1992).

September 2019

Tuesday, September 3 [Phoebe, deacon]. Clergy: Arthur Toro (2005).

Thursday, September 5 [Katharina Zell, reformer and writer]. Clergy: Sam Shafer (2002).

Sunday, September 8 [Elie Naud, catechist]. Clergy: Peg Bradley (2007)

Monday, September 9 [Constance and her Companions, martyrs]. Clergy: Greg Churchill (1967)

Wednesday, September 11 [Harry Thacker Burleigh, composer]. Clergy: Santos Flores (1990)

Friday, September 13. Clergy: Bishop Edward Mackenzie (1964).

Saturday, September 14 [Holy Cross] Congregations: St. Cross, Hermosa Beach (1906).

Tuesday, September 17 [Hildegard of Bingen, abbess]. Clergy: James Friedrich (1970)

Saturday, September 21 [Matthew, apostle and evangelist]. Congregations: St. Matthew’s, Pacific Palisades (1942). Clergy: Peter Lo (1985).

Sunday, September 29 [Michael and All Angels]. Congregations: St. Michael and All Angels, Studio City (1947); St. Michael the Archangel, El Segundo (1956); St. Michael and All Angels, Corona del Mar (1968).

Monday, September 30 [Jerome, priest and scholar]. Clergy: Reese Riley (1972), Brent Quines (1995), Julian Bull (2007).

August 2019

Thursday, August 1 [Joseph of Arimathea]. Clergy: Magdaleno Bacagan (1959).

Saturday, August 3 [George Freeman Bragg, Jr., priest]. Clergy: James B. D. Corbett (1969).

Sunday, August 4. Clergy: Vanessa Mackenzie (1992).

Tuesday, August 6 [Transfiguration]. Congregations: Transfiguration, Arcadia (1949)

Thursday, August 15 [St. Mary the Virgin]. Congregations: St. Mary’s, Lompoc (1895); St. Mary’s, Koreatown, Los Angeles (1907); St. Mary in Palms, Los Angeles (1919); St. Mary’s, Laguna Beach (1931).

Friday, August 16. Clergy: Barrett Van Buren (2014).

Saturday, August 17 [Samuel Johnson, Timothy Cutler, and Thomas Bradbury Chandler, priests]. Clergy: Jeanette Repp (1989).

Friday, August 23 [Martin de Porres, Rosa de Lima, and Toribio de Mogrovejo, witnesses in South America]. Clergy: Bill Leeson (1969), John Limo (1994).

Saturday, August 24 [Bartholomew, apostle]. Congregation: St. Bartholomew’s, Pico Rivera (1953).

July 2019

Monday, July 1 [Harriet Beecher Stowe, advocate; Pauli Murray, priest]. Clergy: Roberto Martinez (2000).

Tuesday, July 2 [Walter Rauschenbusch, Washington Gladden, and Jacob Riis, prophetic witnesses]. Clergy: Ian Davies (1989)

Wednesday, July 3. Clergy: Richard Rubin (1984).

Thursday, July 11 [Benedict of Nursia, abbot]. Clergy: Peter Haynes (1973).

Friday, July 12. Clergy: Gary Bradley (1974).

Monday, July 15. Clergy: Joseph Erickson (1951), Dale Smith (1972).

Thursday, July 18 [Bartolomé de las Casas, friar]. Clergy: Vincent Shamo (1985).

Saturday, July 20. [Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Ross Tubman, liberators and prophets]. Clergy: Abdias Avalos (1986)

Thursday, July 25 [James, apostle] Congregations: St. James’, South Pasadena (1904), St. James’ in the City, Los Angeles (1912), St. James’, Newport Beach (1946). Clergy: Dina Ferguson (2009).

Friday, July 26 [Joachim and Anne, parents of the Virgin Mary]. Clergy: Jerome Kahler (1970).

Monday, July 29 [Mary, Martha, and Lazarus of Bethany]. Clergy: Eleanor Owen (Deacon, 2017).

June 2019

Saturday, June 1 [Justin, martyr]. Clergy: Harold Knowles (1962), Mort Ward (1965), Gary Collins (1978), James Maronde (1979), Eric H. F. Law (1985), George Silides (1987). 

Sunday, June 2. [Blandina and Her Companions, martyrs of Lyons]. Clergy: David Abernathy-Deppe, Connie Lam (2007).

Monday, June 3 [Martyrs of Uganda]. Clergy: Richard Busch (1960), Judith Stevens (1988), Bud Williams (1989), Aimee Eyer-Delevett (2000).

Tuesday, June 4. [John XXIII, Bishop of Rome]. Clergy: Warner Traynham (1962), Kelly Ann O’Connell (2000), Michele Racusin (2005).

Wednesday, June 5 [Boniface, bishop]. Clergy: Henry Atkins (1965), Russell Touchstone (1966).

Thursday, June 6. [Ini Kopuria, founder of Melanesian Brotherhood]. Clergy: Maryetta Anschutz (2002).

Friday, June 7. [The Pioneers of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil]. Clergy: Valerie Hart (1992), Kay Landers (1997, Deacon) Ron Hulbert (2012).

Saturday, June 8. [Roland Allen, mission strategist]. Clergy: Emily Bell (1986); Jamelia Cooper Barnett, Brainerd Solomon Dharmaraj, Shawn Evelyn, Jonathan Feuss, Brittany Bjurstrom Frazier, William Knutson, Judith Lyons, Kristin Claire (KC) Robertson, Carlos Ruvalcaba, Sarah Thomas (Deacons, 2019).

Whitsunday, June 9 [Day of Pentecost; Columba, Abbot of Iona]. Congregations: St. Columba’s, Camarillo (1955); St. Columba’s, Big Bear Lake (1975). Clergy: Colin Henderson (1963), Ruth Eller (1990).

Wednesday, June 12 [Emmegahbowh, priest & missionary]. Clergy: David Chee (1977), Karen MacQueen (2004).

Thursday, June 13 [The First Book of Common Prayer; Gilbert Keith Chesterton, apologist & writer]. Widows: Phoebe Pao (Benjamin 1998).

Friday, June 14 [Basil the Great, bishop]. Clergy: Jonathan Abernathy-Deppe (2008).

Saturday, June 15 [Evelyn Underhill, theologian]. William Wallace (1966), Ricardo Gonzales (2002), Ronald David (2006).

Monday, June 17. Clergy: George Regas (1957), Bryan Jones (1979), Dawn Vukich (2006).

Tuesday, June 18. [Bernard Mizeki, catechist & martyr]. Clergy: Andrew Jung Kim (2005).

Thursday, June 20. Clergy: Robert Garafalo (1981), William Stanley (2015).

Friday, June 21. Clergy: Michelle Woodhouse (1986), Kesha Brennom (2009).

Saturday, June 22, [Alban, martyr]. Congregations: St. Alban’s, Westwood (Los Angeles, 1934); St. Alban’s, Yucaipa (1957). Clergy: William Dunn (1999).

Sunday, June 23. Clergy: Lewis Bohler (1956).

Monday, June 24 [Nativity of St. John the Baptist]. Congregations: St. John the Baptist, Corona (1891); Clergy: Michael Kinman (1997), Federico Sierra-Colado (2000).

Tuesday, June 25. Clergy: David Miller (1978), Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook (1986).

Friday, June 28 [Irenaeus, bishop]. Clergy: Becky Tinnon (2006), Michael Tinnon (2008).

Saturday, June 29 [St. Peter & St. Paul, apostles]. Clergy: Jeff Bullock (1981).

Sunday, June 30. Clergy: Andrew Barnett (2012).

May 2019

Wednesday, May 1 Clergy: Judith Baldwin (1987), Roberta Morris (2012). 

Thursday, May 2 [Athanasius, bishop]. Congregation: St. Athanasius, Echo Park (Los Angeles, 1864). Clergy: Greg Frost (1981).

Sunday, May 5 Clergy: Gianluigi Gugliermetto (2016).

Tuesday, May 7 [Harriet Starr Cannon, religious]. Clergy: James Willems (1985).

Sunday, May 12 Clergy: Christopher Eade (1979).

Monday, May 13 [Frances Perkins, public servant and prophetic witness] Clergy: Argola Haynes (1999), Richard Estrada (2015).

Tuesday, May 14 Clergy: Katherine Clark, Caroline Diamond (1988); Aloha Smith (1989); Fairbairn Powers (1998).

Wednesday, May 15 [Junia and Andronicus]. Clergy: Gerry Engnan (1980), Paul Collins (1981), Beverly Factor (1993), Fran Cantella (2005).

Saturday, May 18 Clergy: Robert Pierson (2016).

Thursday, May 23 [Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler, astronomers]. Clergy: Peter Ensor (1964), Roberts Smith (1975), Dennis Gibbs (Deacon, 2010).

Saturday, May 25 [Bede the Venerable, priest & monk]. Congregations: St. Bede’s, Mar Vista (Los Angeles, 1904).

Sunday, May 26 [Augustine, first Archbishop of Canterbury]. Clergy: Doug McKinney (1982), Kelly Crawford (1990).

Monday, May 27 [Bertha and Ethelbert, Queen & King of Kent]. Clergy: Michael McKee (1972).

Tuesday, May 28 [John Calvin, theologian]. Clergy: Jane Gould (1987), Robert Edwards (1988).

Thursday, May 30 [Ascension Day; Joan of Arc, mystic & soldier]. Clergy: Colville Smythe (1972).

Friday, May 31 [Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.] Clergy: Konrad White (1973); Darry Lee (1980); Mary Hill Atwood, Will Wauters (1981). Patricia McCaughan (1998).

April 2019

Monday, April 1 [Frederick Denison Maurice, priest]. Clergy: Judith Baldwin (1987), Roberta Morris (2012). 

Tuesday, April 2 [James Lloyd Breck, priest]. Agencies: St. Anselm’s Cross-Cultural Community Center, Garden Grove (1976).

Wednesday, April 3 [Richard, Bishop of Chichester]. Congregations: St. Richard of Chichester, Lake Arrowhead (1981).

Thursday, April 4 [Martin Luther King, Jr.]. Clergy: Warner Traynham (1962).

Friday, April 5 [Pandita Mary Ramabai, evangelist]. Clergy: Greg Bayaca (1961). Widows: Ruth-Alice Hailwood (Edward, 2006).

Saturday, April 6 [Daniel G. C. Wu, priest]. Institutions: The Canterbury (Episcopal Communities and Services), Rancho Palos Verdes (1983).

Sunday, April 7 [Tikhon, Patriarch of Russia]. Clergy: James Willems (1985).

Monday, April 8 [William Augustus Muhlenberg, priest]. Institutions: Episcopal Communities and Services, Pasadena (1923, founded as The Episcopal Home, Alhambra). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem — Savior Church, Kufr Yasif; Savior Church, Zerka; Redeemer Church, Amman.

Tuesday, April 9 [Dietrich Bonhoeffer, martyr]. Widows: Anna Dawson (D. Miles, 1971).

Wednesday, April 10 [William Law, priest; Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, scientist]. Organizations: The Order of the Daughters of the King (1885). Clergy: Stephen Huber (1999).Widows: Jane Ayres (Richard, 1990).

Thursday, April 11 [George Selwyn, bishop of New Zealand, and of Lichfield]. Clergy: Philip Robb (1957), Rand Reasoner (1981), James Wright (2005).

Friday, April 12 [Adoniram Judson, missionary]. Clergy: Mark Stuart (1980).

Saturday, April 13. Widows: Phoebe Pao (Benjamin 1998).

Palm Sunday, April 14 [Edward Thomas Demby, 1957, and Henry Beard Delany, bishops]. Clergy: Anthony Guillen (1985).

Tuesday, April 16 [Mary (Molly) Brant (Konwatsijayenni), Witness to the Faith among the Mohawks]. Diocesan Clergy Renewal of Vows, St. John’s Cathedral.

Good Friday, April 19, Churchwide Observance: The Good Friday Offering serving the Episcopal Church in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East (1922).

Saturday, April 20, Easter Even. *Church of the Angels (The Bishop’s Chapel), Pasadena (1889).

Easter Day, April 21 [Anselm of Canterbury]. Congregations: St. Anselm’s, Garden Grove (1953). Clergy: Robert Burton (1975), Thomas Quijada-Discavage (1989), Stephen Mung’oma (1991), Laurel Johnston (2007).

Monday, April 22, Earth Day. [John Muir, naturalist and writer, and Hudson Stuck, priest and environmentalist]. Clergy: Gene Bennett (1968). Widows: Adelle Yeaton (Gordon, 2007)

Tuesday, April 23 [George; Toyohiko Kagawa, Prophetic Witness]. Congregations: St. George’s, Hawthorne (1937); St. George’s, La Cañada (1968); St. George’s, Riverside (1962); St. George’s, Laguna Hills (1969). Widows: Betty Lee Edwards (Spencer, 2004) Nerice Cornelison (Robert, 2008). World Mission Companions: The Diocese of Jerusalem: St. George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem

Wednesday, April 24 [Genocide Remembrance]. World Mission Companions: The Diocese of Jerusalem: St. Savior, Kuffer Yassif; St. Savior, Zerka; Church of the Redeemer, Amman

Thursday, April 25, (Mark, Apostle). Congregations: St. Mark’s, Glendale (1889); St. Mark’s, Altadena (1907); St. Mark’s, Upland (1910); St. Mark’s, Downey (1924); St. Mark’s, Van Nuys (1925); St. Mark’s in-the-Valley, Los Olivos (1943). Schools: St. Mark’s School, Upland (1982). Clergy: Matthew Ahn (1967), Yein Esther Kim (2015).

Friday, April 26 [Robert Hunt, priest at Jamestown]. Clergy: Judy Ming Lin, Deacon (2008).

Saturday, April 27 [Christina Rossetti, poet]. Clergy: Peter Krietler (1970).

Monday, April 29 [Catherine of Siena]. Clergy: J. Jon Bruno (Bishop, 2000).

March 2019

Friday, March 1, [David]. Clergy: Thomas Clarke (1971), Stephen Y. C. Kim (1975), James Seipel (1969), Elizabeth Starbuck (1994).

World Mission Sunday, March 3. Companion Dioceses of Jerusalem; Cuernavaca; and Te Taira¯whiti, New Zealand-Aotearoa

Wednesday, March 5. Clergy: Stephen Paterson (2011)

Ash Wednesday, March 6. Widows: Elodie Carlton (Ainsley, 1971) [William W. Mayo, Charles Menninger, & Sons].

Friday, March 8. Clergy: James Seipel (1969), [Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy, Priest].

Friday, March 9, [Gregory of Nyssa]. Organizations: The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Los Angeles (1895). Clergy: Gary Hand, Norman Ishizaki (1968).

Monday, March 11. Clergy: Michael Flynn, Douglas Vest (1967). Widows: Evelyn Samartha (Michael, 1996).

Tuesday, March 12, [Gregory the Great]. Congregations: St. Gregory’s, Long Beach (1957). Clergy: Richard Avery, Charles Sacquety, Richard Van Horn (1966), John Fuller (1962).

Wednesday, March 13. Clergy: Joy Magala (1994), James Lander III (2004),  [James Theodore Holly, Bishop].

Saturday, March 16 [Cyril of Jerusalem]. Clergy: Michael Griffith (1974); Jeannie Martz (1991).

Sunday, March 17 [Patrick]. Congregations: St. Patrick’s, Thousand Oaks (1960). Clergy

Monday, March 18 [Richard Allen]. Clergy: Greg Richards (1971).

Tuesday, March 19 [Joseph]. Congregations: St. Joseph’s, Buena Park (1957). World Mission Companions: Diocese of El Salvador — Iglesia de San Jose.

Thursday, March 21 [Thomas Cranmer]. Clergy: Howard Cartwright (1970); Pray for Justin Welby on this anniversary of his enthronement as 105th Archbishop of Canterbury (2013).

Sunday, March 24 [Oscar Romero]. Clergy: Mark Weitzel (1990). Widows: Dorcas Bacot (Dan, 2006).

Monday, March 25. Feast: Annunciation of Our Lord. Congregations: St. Mary in Palms,  Los Angeles (1923); Holy Nativity, (Westchester) Los Angeles (1945); St. Gabriel’s, Monterey Park (1983). Clergy: Kenneth Kaisch (1977), Juan Jimenez (1988).

Tuesday, March 26 [Richard Allen]. Clergy: Gustavo Hernandez (1984); John Forney (1987).

Wednesday, March 27  [Charles Henry Brent, Bishop]. Clergy: Douglas Judson, Daniel Swift (1971).

Saturday, March 30 [Innocent of Alaska, Bishop]. Clergy: Gregory Straub (1974). Widows: Victoria (Tory) Rihimaki (James, 2007).

Sunday, March 31 [John Donne]. Clergy: John Phalen (1963).


February 2019

Friday, February 1, [Brigid of Kildare]. Clergy: James Billington (1997) Schools: All Saints by-the-Sea School, Santa Barbara (1965). Diocesan Newspaper: The Episcopal News (founded in 1897 as The Churchman and Church Messenger of Southern California).

Saturday, February 2, Presentation of Christ in the Temple [Esther John]. Clergy: Hartshorn Murphy (1974), James Newman (1979).

Sunday, February 3, [The Dorchester Chaplains: George Fox, Alexander D. Goode, Clark V. Poling & John R. Washington; Anskar] Clergy: Richard Harms (1959), Christine Purcell (2005).

Tuesday, February 5. [Roger Williams & Anne Hutchinson]. Clergy: Susan Klein (1978); Gregory Larkin; John Saville, III (1983). Widows: Mary Bayard (Eldon, 1997).

Thursday, February 7. Schools: Campbell Hall, North Hollywood (1944).

Friday, February 8 [Bakhita]. Institutions: Hillsides (Home for Children), Pasadena (1913).

Thursday, February 9. Clergy: Robert Bethancourt (1980), Russell Murphy Jr.

Monday, February 11 [Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby]. Clergy: Kathleen Dale (1979).

Tuesday, February 12 [Charles Freer Andrews]. Clergy: Susan Bek, Cynthia Jew (2011).

Wednesday, February 13, Absalom Jones. Clergy: Artemio Zabala (Priest, 1965; Bishop, 1989), Mark Henrickson (1981), Widowers: W. Averell Brown (Esther, 2008).

Thursday, February 16 [Charles Todd Quintard]. Clergy: Bert Anderson (1960), Arthur Toro (2002).

Friday, February 17 [Janani Luwum]. Widows: Nancy Carroll (Edward Eagle, 2003).

Tuesday, February 19 [Agnes Tsao Kou Ying]. Clergy: Richard Belliss (1957). Widows: Frances MacDonald (Richard, 1998), Aljean Peterson (Stanley, 1998), Ana Maria Carlo (Jose, 2000).
Thursday, February 21. Clergy: Dean Farrar (1976), Judith Mackey (Deacon, 1986).

Saturday, February 23 [Polycarp of Smyrna. Kate Harwood Waller Barrett]. Clergy: Rene Barraza (2008).

Friday, February 24, Matthias, Apostle. Congregations: St. Matthias, Whittier (1896). Clergy: Paul Lawson (1981). Widows: Linda Burrows (Robert, 2001).

Monday, February 25 [John Roberts]. Clergy: Constancio Manguramas (1965).

Tuesday, February 26 [Photini, the Samaritan Woman];

Thursday, February 28, [Anna Julia Haywood Cooper & Elizabeth Evelyn Wright]. Clergy: Roland Thorwaldsen (1953). Widows: Ada Hammond (Reid, 1974).

January 2019

Tuesday, January 1, New Year’s Day [Feast of the Holy Name]. Congregations. Faith Church, Laguna Niguel (1991). (1963); Clergy: Alice Callaghan (1982); Graham (Pete) Berry (1985); Peter Clergy: Barry Verdi Browning (1992). World Mission Companions: The Diocese of Jerusalem — Holy Family, Raineh.

Thursday, January 3 [William Passavant; Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah, Seraphim of Sarov, Juliana of Lazarevo]. Clergy: Martha Siegel (1987).

Friday, January 4 [Elizabeth Seton, Thomas Atkinson]. Clergy: David Caffrey (1975), Douglas Gordon (1986), Glenn Libby (1996); Carren Sheldon (2014).

Sunday, January 6, Feast of the Epiphany. Congregations: Church of the Epiphany (Lincoln Heights), Los Angeles (1886); Church of the Epiphany, Oak Park/Agoura Hills (1980). Clergy: Jan Womer (1968); Michael Neils (1977);  Eduardo Bresciani, Nancy Brown, Anna Olson, Robert Two Bulls, Pamela Tyler (2001), Colleen Sterne (2007); Mark Bradshaw (2018).

Monday, January 7. Clergy: Carole Herzog (1984; Patricia Ash, Karri Backer, Hsin-Fen Chang, Mary Crist, David Erickson, Heather Erickson, John Livingston, Elizabeth Williams (2012).

Tuesday, January 8 [Harriet Bedell]. Clergy: Rick Byrum, Marilyn Omernick (2000); Michele Baker-Wright, Michael Bell, Mary Marjorie Bethea (2011).

Wednesday, January 9 [Julia Chester Emery]. Clergy: Anthony Jewiss, Barbara Stewart (1993); Juan Barragan, Joyce Stickney (1999); Amy Cox, Kate Cress, Jonathan Dephouse, Melissa Campbell-Langdell, Lucinda Voien, Paula Jo Vukmanic, William Wells (2010). Widows: Helen Francis (Michael, 1993).

Thursday, January 10 [William Laud]. Clergy: Charles Stacy (1970); Michael DiCarlo (1981); Beryl Nyre-Thomas (1987); Jeffrey Clawson, Shannon Collis, Allison English, William Garrison, Victoria Mouradian, Richard Whittaker, Jr. (2010).

Friday, January 11 [Mary Slessor]. Clergy: Mark Asman (1976); Alice Callaghan; Virginia Erwin (1987); Peter Browning, Deborah Dunn, Lisa Rotchford, Aidan Koh, Gary London, Hank Mitchel (1992); Michael Seiler (1998); Earl Gibson, Katherine Lewis, Garrett Mettler, Amy Pringle (2003); Linda Wirt Ahron, Jenifer Chatfield, George Daisa, Steven DeMuth, Nancy Frausto, Francisco Garcia, Sally Howard, Stephanie Wilson Brown, Marianne Zahn (2014).

Saturday, January 12 [Aelred of Rievaulx, Caesaria of Arles]. Clergy: David Duncan, Robert Gaestel, John Kpoto, Lorne Weaver (1980); Toni Stuart (1990); Hong Nguyen, Jo Ann Weeks (1991); Emilie Bush, Carolyn Estrada, Julie Morris (2002); Bonnie Brandon, Jason Cox, Thomas Hui Liang Ni, Lester Mackenzie, Karen Maurer, Ada Wong-Nagata (2008); James Lee, Edith Oloimooja, Sharon Sheffield (2013); Laurel Coote, Joseph Courtney, Antonio Gallardo, Carol Horton-Howe, Jennifer Wagner Pavia, Sarah Anne Reynolds, Anil Shaw (2019).

Monday, January 13 [Hilary of Poitiers]. Congregations: St. Hilary’s, Hesperia, 1988. Clergy: Judith Heffron, Susan Purnell (1990); Lynda Crow, Carrie Patterson Grindon, Norman Hull, Mark Kowalewski, You-Leng Leroy Lim, Ramiro Rodriguez (1996); Holly Cardone, Robin Kassabian, Elizabeth McQuitty, Edward Milkovich, Gethin Wied (2018).

Tuesday, January 14 [George Berkeley]. Congregations: Holy Faith, Inglewood (1913). Clergy: Jon Bruno (Priest, 1978; Bishop, 2000),Steven Galipeau, Christopher Rubel (1978); Peter Rood, Joanna Satorius, Susan Scranton (1995); Edward Sniecienski (Deacon, 2005); Charles Asher, Mark Hallahan, Abel Lopez, Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Munoz, Sarah Nichols, Neil Tadken, Richard Tiff, Mary Trainor (2006); Brian O’Rourke (2012); Norma Guerra, Louise Macatee, Jana Milhon-Martin, Christopher Montella (2017).

Wednesday, January 15 [Maurus & Placidus; Birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.]. Clergy: Charles Belknap, Gary Hall, Victoria Hatch, Mark Shier (1977); Philip Lance (1988); Virginia Benson, Eleanor Owen, Anne Tumilty, Robin Underhill (1994).

Wednesday, January 16. Clergy: Robert Hauert (1960), Elizabeth Hooper-Rosebrook (1988); Nathan Biornstad, Gina Gore, Peter Hwang (2016).

Thursday, January 17 [Antony of Egypt]. Clergy: Robert Dannals (1982); Betsy Anderson, Jamie Edwards-Acton, Diane Jardine Bruce (Priest, 1998; Bishop, 2010), Holger Laske, Katharine MacKenzie, Susan Russell, Keith Yamamoto (1998); Todd Blackham (2015); Katie Cadigan, Ann Brant Calhoun, Martha Johns, Nathaniel Katz, Lorenzo Lebrija, Chitra Rao (2015).

Friday, January 18. Confession of St. Peter. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins (continuing through January 25). Please remember the people of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and the Southwest California Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which whom the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles on November 21, 1993, launched a covenant relationship rooted in baptism. Please also remember the people of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino, and the Pacifica Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Congregations: St. Peter’s, San Pedro (1885); St. Peter’s, Santa Maria (1915), St. Peter’s, Rialto (1957). Clergy: Larry Brown, John Conrad, Margaret Cunningham, Steve Dean, Faye Hogan, Marilyn Mason (1997).

Saturday, January 19 [Wulfstan of Worcester]. Widows: Katherine Robertson (David, 1978).

Friday, January 20 [Fabian]. Clergy: Huston Horn (1970).

Saturday, January 21 [Agnes & Cecilia]. Clergy: George Woodward, III (1984); Ellen Hill, Anne Sutherland Howard, Sarah Koelling Belknap, Antony Miller (1989).

Tuesday, January 22 [Vincent]. Clergy: Robert Cornner, Lynn Jay, Patricia O’Reilly (1983); Karen Calafat, Michael Cooper, Gwynne Guibord, Rachel Nyback, Nancy Sinclair, Kathleen Sylvester, Cindy Voorhees, Ellen Wekall, Christopher Worthley (2005).

Wednesday, January 23 [Phillips Brooks, Satoko Kitihara]. Clergy: Stephen Williams (1977); Thomas Jayawardene (1978); Kristin Neily Barberia (1991).

Thursday, January 24 [Ordination of Florence Li Tim-Oi]. Clergy: Robert Moon, Laura Queen (2004), John Harvey Taylor (Priest, 2004; Bishop, 2017); Catherine Wagar (Deacons, 2010).

Friday, January 25, Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle. Congregations: Cathedral Center of St. Paul (1864); St. Paul’s, Pomona (1881); St. Paul’s, Ventura (1888); St. Paul’s, Santa Paula (1892); St. Paul’s, Lancaster (1930); St. Paul’s, Barstow (1949); St. Paul’s, Tustin (1960). Institutions and Organizations: Canterbury UC-Irvine (1966). Clergy: Richard Swanson (1965). Widows: Beatrice Borrell (Eldon, 1991).

Saturday, January 26 [Timothy & Titus]. Congregations: St. Timothy’s, Compton (1925); St. Timothy’s, Apple Valley (1955). Schools: St. Timothy’s School, Compton. Clergy: Chester Talton (Bishop, 1991).

Monday, January 28 [Thomas Aquinas, Issac of Nineveh]. Congregations: St. Andrew & St. Charles, Granada Hills (1957). Clergy: Alene Campbell-Langdell (2010). Widows: Ann Howe (Chester, 2005).

Wednesday, January 30. Widows: Maria de la Luz (Alfonso Sanchez, 2010).

Thursday, January 31.[John Bosco, Samuel Shoemaker]. Organizations: Girls’ Friendly Society (1877). Widows: Grace Reed (Walter, 1977).