[The Episcopal News] Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School Los Angeles, will offer three four-week classes for laypersons and clergy in October. All courses will be presented online via Zoom.

Deacons: Who, What, Why

An introduction to the sacred order of deacons
Saturdays, October 8, 15 and 22, 9 – 11 a.m., via Zoom.
Instructor: The Rev. Dennis Sheridan, Ph.D.
Cost: $50
Three two-hour sessions will offer a glimpse into the life and history of the diaconate. We’ll answer the questions: What does it mean to be a deacon today? How do I know that I am called? What are the steps for getting there? Participants will hear stories about deacons who act as the bridge between the church and the world and learn about the distinctive diaconal voice. Recommended for anyone who is curious about deacons and the diaconate in the Episcopal Church.

La Perdida y el Duelo (Faith and Grief)

El curso se llevará a cabo en español. / This course will be conducted in Spanish
Martes de octubre, de 19 a 20:30 h., a través de Zoom
Instructor: Víctor Luna, M.S.W., M.Div.
Costo del curso $50
El duelo y la perdida son temas universales, pero también son procesos complicados y complejos. En estas cuatro sesiones, veremos las etapas del duelo y la variedad de emociones que experimentamos cuando perdemos a alguien o algo de valor en nuestras vidas. En esta clase exploraremos lo siguiente: ¿Como llevar un duelo sanamente? ¿Que nos enseñan Las Escrituras del duelo? ¿Como nos sostiene la fe? Finalmente, reflexionaremos sobre las pérdidas que sufrimos durante la pandemia y la crisis de salud que enfrentamos en el momento, y como podemos acercarnos a lo Divino para guiarnos en estos tiempos. Las clases podrían grabadas. Si la clase es grabada, el enlace del video será enviado a todos los estudiantes.

The Gospel and the Headlines

Wednesdays, October 5, 12, 19 and 26, 7 – 8:30 p.m., via Zoom
Instructor: The Rev. Rob Lee
Cost: $50
In this course we will seek to connect the dots between current events and the Christian understanding of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How do we speak about issues that matter with fervor and conviction while simultaneously working to not alienate those who think differently from us? How do we create space for us to see each other in public space as purveyors of the prophetic word? This course will equip and provide tools for the learner to find ways to see God amidst the fray of public life.

A previously scheduled class, titled “Let There Be Light! Best Practices for Living Beyond Crisis,” has been cancelled.

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This article was updated on Sept. 20 to reflect cancellation of a class.