Gracious God, everyone who is following news coverage of events this historic week in Los Angeles knows that politics is not being kind to the Summit of the Americas. El mundo es complicado, ya veces los políticos y diplomáticos lo complican un poco más. As everyone knows by now, not everyone is here. Not every country is represented at the summit. But God is here. The divine will for peace and justice for all the people of all the Americas is well represented by those here tonight and everyone participating in this interreligious forum. Incluso si todos los países de nuestro hemisferio no pueden participar en las conversaciones políticas, no hay límites en nuestras conversaciones como personas de fe. Because God is local, hemispheric, and universal. God knows no borders or limitations. God does not prefer one person or nation over any other. God desires the thriving of all – the security and safety of all – freedom and justice for all. Oramos esta noche por la paz con justicia en Ucrania y en nuestro propio hemisferio, por refugio para cada migrante cansado, por un espíritu de bienvenida en el corazón de cada nación, especialmente en los Estados Unidos, que alberga estas reuniones. We pray tonight for peace with justice in Ukraine and in our own hemisphere – for shelter for every weary migrant, refugee, and asylee – for a spirit of welcome in the heart of every leader, especially the leaders of the United States, who host these meetings this week. As we begin, we pray for a new holy spirit of the Americas — un nuevo espíritu santo de las Américas – aiming to be as creative and inviting as the spirit of God itself. Te lo pedimos en tu nombre poderoso. We ask all this in your mighty name. Amen.

— My invocation last night at the opening reception, hosted at St. Paul’s Commons, Echo Park by the Interreligious Council of Southern California, for this week’s interreligious forum, being held in conjunction with the Summit of the Americas.