A few snaps from this afternoon’s joyous celebration of the life of the Rev. Canon George Regas, rector of All Saints Church in Pasadena from 1967-1995, prophet of justice and hope, critic of the Vietnam War, pioneer of practical interfaith comity after the Sept. 11 attacks. George died in January 2021, but he had planned his memorial service well, and Mary Regas treasured all these things in her heart until we could be together. The Rev. Mike Kinman, the current rector, and his colleagues were gracious hosts. It was a joy that George’s colleagues the Rev. Tim Safford, now serving as dean of the The American Cathedral in Paris, and our stirring preacher, the Very Rev. Canon Gary Hall, were aboard. It was my blessing to preside and celebrate. The magnificent All Saints Choir, which must have been 70 strong, raised the roof, including with Beethoven’s “Hallelujah,” another of George’s choices. It was a joy to see Bishop Brenda Bos of the Southwest California Synod ELCA.