Several people were elected to diocesan office during the Dec. 4 – 5 convention. They are listed here.

Standing Committee
The Rev. Betsy Hooper-Rosebrook
Rex Botengan

Diocesan Council
The Rev. Margaret McCauley
Samantha Wylie

Director, Corporation of the Diocese
The Rev. Elizabeth Habecker
John A. Tucker Jr.
Ravi Verma

Commission on Ministry
The Rev. Michael Olsen
Tim Halligan

Secretary of Convention
Janet Wylie

Director, Canterbury USC
Patsy Brierley

Director, Canterbury Irvine
William Gray

Director, Canterbury Westwood
Susan Smith

Judge of the Eccesiastical Court
The Rev. Jeffrey Bullock
Steve Nishibayashi

Trustee, Holy Family Adoption Services Agency
Tom Discavage

Director, Hillsides
Steve Nishibayashi