The following were elected at Diocesan Convention, meeting today at the Riverside Convention Center:

Canterbury Irvine
Susan Brown

Canterbury USC
The Rev. Catherine Wagar

Canterbury Westwood (UCLA)
Bisbee Goldfarb

Commission on Ministry, clergy
The Rev. Peter Huang

Commission on Ministry, lay
Linda Allport

Corporation of the Diocese, clergy
The Rev. Antonio Gallardo

Corporation of the Diocese, lay
Elizabeth (Betsy) Densmore)

Diocesan Council, clergy
The Rev. George Okusi (3-year term)
The Rev. Paul Price (1-year term)

Diocesan Council, lay
Richard Henderson

Diocesan Investment Trust
James Alexander

HFS (Holy Family Services) board member
Marianne Wright

Secretary of Convention
Canon Steve Nishibayashi

Standing Committee, clergy
The Rev. Daniel Justin

Standing Committee, lay
Canon Janet Wylie

Clergy Deputy to General Convention
The Rev. Canon Melissa McCarthy
The Rev. Nancy Frausto
The Rev. Rachel Nyback
The Rev. Yein Kim

Clergy Alternate Deputy to General Convention
The Rev. Fennie Hsin-Fen Chang
The Rev. Antonio Gallardo
The Rev. Canon Kelli-Grace Kurtz
The Rev. Guy Leemhuis

Lay Deputy to General Convention
Kathryn Nishibayashi
Canon Julie Dean Larsen
Dan Valdez
Canon Jim White

Lay Alternate Deputy to General Convention
Ivan Gutierrez
Canon Andy Tomat
Thomas Diaz
Alan Herendich