The Feeding Hungry Hearts Foundation is currently accepting applications for the Mission Needs Grants Program, according to the Rev. Lorenzo Lebrija, development officer for the Diocese of Los Angeles. The grants will provide money for innovative ministry ideas in mission congregations of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

“The goal of these grants is simple: to make better congregations,” said Lebrija. Maximum grant amount is $5,000; the total amount to be awarded is $136,000. Application deadline is Oct. 15. According to Lebrija, priority will be given to applications that:

  • raise up diverse congregations
  • partner with other churches
  • raise up young people and young adults
  • form disciples of all ages
  • enhance spiritual vitality
  • engage the church in the neighborhood
  • boldly reimagine the church
  • evangelize.

This is a one-time grant program that draws on the proceeds of the 2017 Bishop’s Dinner. Only mission congregations of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles may apply: click here.  Applications may be submitted in a language other than English if desired. For information, contact Lebrija at 213.482.2040.

EN Staff