Members of the 2018 pilgrimage group examine a display of several kinds of corn grown in Mexico and learn about its importance to the country’s diet and culture. Photo: Janet Kawamoto

The 2019 annual pilgrimage to Cuernavaca is an opportunity to become acquainted with the Diocese of Los Angeles’ companions in the Anglican Diocese of Cuernavaca, and to learn Spanish. The dioceses of Cuernavaca and Los Angeles are in an official companion relationship.

“The people of the Diocese of Cuernavaca are warm and welcoming; they minister in a variety of circumstances, each with its own set of challenges and gifts,” says the Rev. Barbara Stewart, leader of the annual pilgrimages that started in 2010. “Sharing, learning how the people of Cuernavaca work and they learning how we work, allows us to connect on many levels.”

The 2019 pilgrimage will take place March 23 – April 6. It includes daily lessons in Spanish grammar, conversation, and culture. All levels of Spanish are welcome; classes are arranged based on students’ current mastery of the language. A number of excursions are planned to churches and local historical and cultural sites.

Cost is about $2500 (the exact cost to be determined), which includes airfare, accommodation and meals at the Diocesan Center of the Diocese of Cuernavaca. Scholarships are available. For further information, contact Stewart at

EN Staff