Forms & Annual Reports

Financial Audits

Financial audits are due to the Convention office annually by September 1. Audits must include a certificate or report of the audit as well as the audited financials, including but not limited to the year-end balance sheet and profit & loss statements. (Diocesan C&C, Canon VI, section 6.02)

If you have questions or require assistance, please email

2022 Parochial Reports

The online portal to file the 2022 Parochial Report is closed. While these can no longer be filed online, they are still canonically required. Please fill out a blank report and then submit a signed copy by email to and the Convention office will finish filing it with the General Convention office on your behalf.

2022 blank fillable report (English)
2022 blank fillable report (Spanish)
2021 blank fillable report (English)
2021 blank fillable report (Spanish)

Faith communities in the diocese are entitled to lay delegates in proportion to their communicants as reported to Convention the previous year. (Diocesan C&C, Article VI, section 16) Lay delegates to the 2023 Diocesan Convention are determined by the number of communicants reported on the 2021 Parochial Report.

Diocesan Institutions are entitled to 1 lay delegate.

Deaneries are entitled to 1 youth delegate (ages 14 – 22).

NOTE: Unless otherwise registered, Deanery Presidents and lay members of Diocesan Council, Standing Committee, and Corporation of the Diocese will automatically be credentialed as Delegates to Convention with seat and voice (not vote).

Clergy Delegates & Ministry Report Forms

Parochial Clergy: Please list every clergyperson that works at your congregation. This will affect seating at Convention.

Deacons, Retired, Non-Stipendiary, and Non-Parochial Clergy: Please submit this form 10 days in advance of Convention to be credentialed as a voting delegate. This form is due December 31 even if you do not plan to attend Convention.

Forms to Submit Items for Consideration

Resolutions proposed for consideration at Diocesan Convention 2023 must be submitted by September 1 (70 days before Convention) by a delegate to Convention eligible for seat, voice, and vote.

Proposed amendments of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles for consideration at Convention 2023 must be submitted by August 2 (100 days before Convention). 

Nominations for elective office may be made from the Floor of Convention, but the deadline to be included in the booklet is October 24, and to be included on the website is November 3.

Contact information

The diocese is migrating its database and will be gradually rolling out access to the new system this year. Even if your contact info has not changed much recently, please complete a new form so we can make sure we have the most up-to-date information available. Thank you!

Insurance information

Per Canon 6.03:
Each Parish and Mission shall at all times maintain policies of property, liability, and workers’ compensation insurance consistent with minimum standards established from time to time by the Bishop acting on the advice of the Corporation of the Diocese. Annually, each Parish and Mission shall report the following to the Treasurer of the Diocese for each policy of insurance:
1.) the name of the issuing insurer;
2.) the policy number;
3.) the effective and expiration date;
4.) the limits of liability of coverage; and
5.) such other information and documentation as may be requested by the Treasurer of the Diocese.