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Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Thank you for engaging the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer; your intercessions are greatly appreciated within the diocesan community. The Cycle of Prayer is currently in the process of being updated. Additional months will be posted as they become available. Please send any corrections to media@ladiocese.org. Commemorations are drawn from the book A Great Cloud of Witnesses (Church Publishing, 2016).

April 2020

Wednesday, April 1 [Frederick Denison Maurice, priest]. Clergy: Judith Baldwin (1987), Roberta Morris (2012).

Thursday, April 2 [James Lloyd Breck, priest]. Agencies: St. Anselm’s Cross-Cultural Community Center, Garden Grove (1976).

Friday, April 3 [Richard, Bishop of Chichester]. Congregations: St. Richard of Chichester, Lake Arrowhead (1981).

Saturday, April 4 [Martin Luther King, Jr.]. Clergy: Warner Traynham (1962).

Palm Sunday, April 5 [Pandita Mary Ramabai, evangelist]. Clergy: Greg Bayaca (1961). Widows: Ruth-Alice Hailwood (Edward, 2006).

Monday, April 6 [Daniel G. C. Wu, priest]. Institutions: The Canterbury (Episcopal Communities and Services), Rancho Palos Verdes (1983).

Tuesday, April 7 [Tikhon, Patriarch of Russia]. Clergy: James Willems (1985).

Wednesday, April 8 [William Augustus Muhlenberg, priest]. Institutions: Episcopal Communities and Services, Pasadena (1923, founded as The Episcopal Home, Alhambra). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem — Savior Church, Kufr Yasif; Savior Church, Zerka; Redeemer Church, Amman.

Thursday, April 9 [Dietrich Bonhoeffer, martyr]. Widows: Anna Dawson (D. Miles, 1971).

Good Friday, April 10 [William Law, priest; Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, scientist]. Organizations: The Order of the Daughters of the King (1885). Clergy: Stephen Huber (1999).Widows: Jane Ayres (Richard, 1990).

Saturday, April 11 [George Selwyn, bishop of New Zealand, and of Lichfield]. Clergy: Philip Robb (1957), Rand Reasoner (1981), James Wright (2005). Widows: Barbara Borsch (Bishop Frederick H Borsch, 2017).

Easter Sunday, April 12 [Adoniram Judson, missionary]. Clergy: Mark Stuart (1980).

Monday, April 13. Widows: Phoebe Pao (Benjamin 1998).

Tuesday, April 14 [Edward Thomas Demby, 1957, and Henry Beard Delany, bishops]. Clergy: Anthony Guillen (1985).

Thursday, April 16 [Mary (Molly) Brant (Konwatsijayenni), Witness to the Faith among the Mohawks]. Diocesan Clergy Renewal of Vows, St. John’s Cathedral.

Sunday, April 19, Churchwide Observance: The Good Friday Offering serving the Episcopal Church in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East (1922).

Monday, April 20, Easter Even. *Church of the Angels (The Bishop’s Chapel), Pasadena (1889).

Tuesday, April 21 [Anselm of Canterbury]. Congregations: St. Anselm’s, Garden Grove (1953). Clergy: Robert Burton (1975), Thomas Quijada-Discavage (1989), Stephen Mung’oma (1991), Laurel Johnston (2007).

Wednesday, April 22, Earth Day. [John Muir, naturalist and writer, and Hudson Stuck, priest and environmentalist]. Clergy: Gene Bennett (1968). Widows: Adelle Yeaton (Gordon, 2007)

Thursday, April 23 [George; Toyohiko Kagawa, Prophetic Witness]. Congregations: St. George’s, Hawthorne (1937); St. George’s, La Cañada (1968); St. George’s, Riverside(1962); St. George’s, Laguna Hills (1969). Widows: Betty Lee Edwards (Spencer, 2004) Nerice Cornelison (Robert, 2008). World Mission Companions: The Diocese of Jerusalem: St. George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem

Friday, April 24 [Genocide Remembrance]. World Mission Companions: The Diocese of Jerusalem: St. Savior, Kuffer Yassif; St. Savior, Zerka; Church of the Redeemer, Amman

Saturday, April 25, (Mark, Apostle). Congregations: St. Mark’s, Glendale (1889); St. Mark’s, Altadena (1907); St. Mark’s, Upland (1910); St. Mark’s, Downey(1924); St. Mark’s, Van Nuys (1925); St. Mark’s in-the-Valley, Los Olivos (1943). Schools: St. Mark’s School, Upland (1982). Clergy: Matthew Ahn (1967), Yein Esther Kim (2015).

Sunday, April 26 [Robert Hunt, priest at Jamestown]. Clergy: Judy Ming Lin, Deacon (2008).

Monday, April 27 [Christina Rossetti, poet]. Clergy: Peter Krietler (1970).

Wednesday, April 29 [Catherine of Siena]. Clergy: J. Jon Bruno (Bishop, 2000).