Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Thank you for engaging the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer; your intercessions are greatly appreciated within the diocesan community. The Cycle of Prayer is currently in the process of being updated. Additional months will be posted as they become available. Please send any corrections to media@ladiocese.org. Commemorations are drawn from the book A Great Cloud of Witnesses (Church Publishing, 2016).

December 2023


Friday, December 1 [Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon; Charles de Foucauld, Hermit and Martyr; World AIDS Day]. *Congregations: Church of the Advent, Los Angeles (1925). Clergy: Richard Gillett (1960), Richard Lincoln (1976), Bruce Freeman (1986); Organizations: The Gooden Center, Pasadena (1962); Urban Initiatives, Pasadena (1995).

Saturday, December 2 [Channing Moore Williams, Bishop]. Clergy: Giles Asbury (1974); Karen Chavez, Jamesetta Hammons, Walter Johnson, Andrea Paddock, Margaret H. McCauley, deacons (2006).

Sunday, December 3 [Francis Xavier, Missionary]. Clergy: David Starr (2005); Widows: Bettina Barrett (George, 2000).

Wednesday, December 6 [Advent II; Nicholas of Myra, Bishop]. Congregations: St. Nicholas, Encino (1941); St. Nicholas Korean Community (1977). Clergy: John Alexis Viereck (1975).

Thursday, December 7 [Ambrose of Milan, Bishop]. Congregations: St. Ambrose, Claremont (1953).

Friday, December 8 [Richard Baxter]. Organizations: The Bishop’s Guild, Los Angeles (1914). Clergy: Julie Bryant (1996).

Saturday, December 9. Clergy: John Capellaro (1995). Widows: Stella Dixon (Leonard, 1998).

Sunday, December 10 [Karl Barth and Thomas Merton, Theologians]. Clergy: Mark Gardner (1988), Joanna Hollis (2009).

Monday, December 11. Clergy: Daniel Justin (2009).

Tuesday, December 12 [Virgen de Guadalupe]. Clergy: John Keester (1955), Daniel Ade (1992).

Wednesday, December 13 [Advent III; Lucy, Martyr]. Clergy: Enrico Gnasso (1964), Lee Walker (1973), Robert Honeychurch (1984), Onesimus Tayebwa (1992).

Thursday, December 14 [John of the Cross, Mystic]. Clergy: Charleen Crean (Deacon, 1986), Wilfredo Benitez (1991), Jon Anderson (2002), Nathan Rugh (2006), Patrick Crerar (2008).

Friday, December 15 [John Horden, Bishop, and Robert McDonald, Priest]. Clergy: Lou Hemmers (1962), Brad Karelius (1971).

Saturday, December 16 [Ralph Adams Cram and Richard Upjohn, Architects; Lohn LaFarge, Artist]. Clergy: David Clemons (1963), Clarke Prescott (1972), Joshua Lee (1997), Jorge Pallares (2006), Megan Holloway Ponsoldt (2007).

Sunday, December 17 [William Lloyd Garrison and Maria Stewart, Prophetic Witnesses]. Clergy: Richard Johns (1955), Raymond Fleming (1966), Margaret Ventris (2011). Widows: Marne Glass (Fredrick, 2009).

Monday, December 18. Clergy: William Ellington (1964); Nicole Janelle (2004), Farrell Graves (2010).

Tuesday, December 19 [Lillian Trasher, Missionary]. Clergy: John Larson (1959), David Mason, Richard Thomson (1962), Ronald Bauer (1965), Randall Day (1985), Brian Johnson (1992), Joseph Oloimooja (1999), Janet Hurley (2002), Paul Price (2004).

Wednesday, December 20 [Advent IV; Ember Day]. Clergy: Jerry Anderson (1968), Michael Bamberger (1981), Bishop Catherine Roskam (Priest, 1984), Scott Taylor (Deacon, 2014), Guy Leehmuis (Deacon, 2015).

Thursday, December 21 [Thomas, Apostle]. Congregations: St. Thomas the Apostle (Hollywood), Los Angeles (1921); St. Thomas, Hacienda Heights (1963); Mar Thoma Church, Los Angeles (Glendora/1976). Clergy: Donald Stivers (1951); Connor Lynn (1956); Paul Edwards (1957); Dennis Odekirk (1963); Philip Strange (1965); George Six (1967); Charles Mitchell (1970); J. Robert Brown (1972); Brian Cox IV (1975); David Davidson-Methot, James Sprague (1979); Gary Commins (1980); Hugo Norro (1985); James J. Young (1988); Richard Burden (2009). Widows: Yoshimi Akiyoski (Mitsuo, 1998).

Friday, December 22 [Henry Budd, Priest]. Clergy: Paul Edwards (1957), Charles Rowins (1969), George Okusi (1991).

Saturday, December 23. Clergy: David Crump (1953).

Sunday, December 24 [Christmas Eve]. Clergy: David Norgard (1984).

Monday, December 25 [Christmas Day]. Congregations: Please join with the diocese’s oldest continuing congregation, St. Athanasius, Echo Park, in celebrating the 155th anniversary of the parish’s first service, held Christmas Day, 1864; Messiah, Santa Ana (1883), Holy Nativity Church (Westchester), Los Angeles (1945), Immanuel, El Monte (1950), Prince of Peace, Woodland Hills (1960), Emmanuel, Fullerton (1973), Holy Child (Philippine Independent Church), Wilmington (1976). Institutions: Canterbury Westwood (UCLA), Los Angeles (1931). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem — Emmanuel, Ramleh.

Tuesday, December 26 [Stephen, Martyr]. Congregations: St. Stephen’s (Hollywood), Los Angeles (1904); St. Stephen’s, Beaumont (1916); St. Stephen’s, Santa Clarita(1963).

Wednesday, December 27 [John the Apostle]. Congregations: St. John’s, San Bernardino (1872), St. John’s, Wilmington (1882), St. John’s Cathedral, Los Angeles (1890), St. John the Evangelist, Needles (1906); St. John the Divine, Costa Mesa (1956); St. John’s, La Verne (1963). Clergy: David Perry (1966). Widows: Emily Miller (Frederic, 1995). World Mission Companions: Diocese of Jerusalem — St. John the Evangelist, Haifa,

Thursday, December 28 [Holy Innocents]. Please join with national vigils held this day to end gun violence. Clergy: Marni Schneider, James Schrider (1986); Elizabeth Rechter (1991).

Friday, December 29 [Thomas Becket]. Congregations: St. Thomas of Canterbury, Long Beach (1947). Clergy: Adam McCoy OHC (1979), Alexandra Conrads (2001). Widows: Catherine Miller (Robert Larkin, 1993).

Sunday, December 31 [Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Bishop]. Clergy: Ed Steever (Deacon, 1980).