Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Thank you for engaging the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer; your intercessions are greatly appreciated within the diocesan community. The Cycle of Prayer is currently in the process of being updated. Additional months will be posted as they become available. Please send any corrections to media@ladiocese.org. Commemorations are drawn from the book A Great Cloud of Witnesses (Church Publishing, 2016).

February 2024

Thursday, February 1, [Brigid of Kildare]. Clergy: James Billington (1997) Schools: All Saints by-the-Sea School, Santa Barbara (1965). Diocesan Newspaper: The Episcopal News (founded in 1897 as The Churchman and Church Messenger of Southern California).

Friday, February 2, Presentation of Christ in the Temple [Esther John]. Clergy: Hartshorn Murphy (1974), James Newman (1979).

Saturday, February 3, [The Dorchester Chaplains: George Fox, Alexander D. Goode, Clark V. Poling & John R. Washington; Anskar] Clergy: Richard Harms (1959), Christine Purcell (2005).

Monday, February 5. [Roger Williams & Anne Hutchinson]. Clergy: Susan Klein (1978); Gregory Larkin; John Saville, III (1983). Widows: Mary Bayard (Eldon, 1997).

Tuesday, February 6. Clergy: Anthony Keller (Deacon, 2017).

Wednesday, February 7. Schools: Campbell Hall, North Hollywood (1944). Clergy: Kay Lozano (Deacon, 2012).

Thursday, February 8 [Bakhita]. Institutions: Hillsides (Home for Children), Pasadena (1913).

Friday, February 9. Clergy: Robert Bethancourt (1980), Russell Murphy Jr.

Sunday, February 11 [Theodora, Frances Jane (Fanny) Crosby]. Clergy: Kathleen Dale (1979).

Monday, February 12 [Charles Freer Andrews]. Clergy: Susan Bek, Cynthia Jew (2011).

Tuesday, February 13 [Absalom Jones]. Clergy: Artemio Zabala (Priest, 1965; Bishop, 1989), Mark Henrickson (1981), Widowers: W. Averell Brown (Esther, 2008).

Friday, February 16 [Charles Todd Quintard]. Clergy: Bert Anderson (1960), Arthur Toro (2002).

Saturday, February 17 [Janani Luwum]. Widows: Nancy Carroll (Edward Eagle, 2003).

Monday, February 19 [Agnes Tsao Kou Ying]. Clergy: Richard Belliss (1957). Widows: Frances MacDonald (Richard, 1998), Aljean Peterson (Stanley, 1998), Ana Maria Carlo (Jose, 2000).

Tuesday, February 20 [Frederick Douglass, Advocate for Justice]. Clergy: Linda Pederson (Deacon, 2005).

Wednesday, February 21. Clergy: Dean Farrar (1976), Judith Mackey (Deacon, 1986).

Friday, February 23 [Polycarp of Smyrna. Kate Harwood Waller Barrett]. Clergy: Rene Barraza (2008).

Saturday, February 24, Matthias, Apostle. Congregations: St. Matthias, Whittier (1896). Clergy: Paul Lawson (1981). Widows: Linda Burrows (Robert, 2001).

Sunday, February 25 [Emily Malborne Morgan, John Roberts]. Clergy: Constancio Manguramas (1965).

Wednesday, February 28, [Anna Julia Haywood Cooper & Elizabeth Evelyn Wright]. Clergy: Roland Thorwaldsen (1953). Widows: Ada Hammond (Reid, 1974).