Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Thank you for engaging the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer; your intercessions are greatly appreciated within the diocesan community. The Cycle of Prayer is currently in the process of being updated. Additional months will be posted as they become available. Please send any corrections to media@ladiocese.org. Commemorations are drawn from the book A Great Cloud of Witnesses (Church Publishing, 2016).

June 2022

Wednesday, June 1 [ [Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary]. Clergy: Mort Ward (1965), Gary Collins (1978), James Maronde (1979), Eric H. F. Law (1985), George Silides (1987).

Thursday, June 2. [Blandina and Her Companions, martyrs of Lyons]. Clergy: David Abernathy-Deppe, Connie Lam (2007).

Friday, June 3 [Martyrs of Uganda]. Clergy: Richard Busch (1960), Judith Stevens (1988), Bud Williams (1989), Aimee Eyer-Delevett (2000).

Saturday, June 4. [John XXIII, Bishop of Rome]. Clergy: Warner Traynham (1962), Kelly Ann O’Connell (2000), Michele Racusin (2005), Robert Sammis (Deacon, 2016).

Sunday, June 5. Feast of Pentecost. Clergy: Henry Atkins (1965), Russell Touchstone (1966).

Monday, June 6.  Clergy: Maryetta Anschutz (2002).

Tuesday, June 7. Clergy Valerie Hart (1992, priest), Kay Landers (1997, deacon), and Ron Hulbert (2012, priest).

Wednesday, June 8. [Roland Allen, mission strategist]. Clergy: Emily Bell (1986), Joanne Leslie (Deacon, 2002).

Thursday, June 9 [Columba, Abbot of Iona]. Congregations: St. Columba’s, Camarillo (1955); St. Columba’s, Big Bear Lake (1975). Clergy: Colin Henderson (1963), Ruth Eller (1990).

Sunday, June 12 [Emmegahbowh, priest & missionary]. Clergy: David Chee (1977), Karen MacQueen (2004). 

Monday, June 13. Widows: Phoebe Pao (Benjamin 1998).

Tuesday, June 14. [Basil the Great, bishop]. Clergy: Frederick Erickson (Deacon, 1975), Jonathan Abernathy-Deppe (2008).

Wednesday, June 15. [Evelyn Underhill, theologian]. William Wallace (1966), Ricardo Gonzales (2002), Ronald David (2006).

Thursday, June 16. Feast of Corpus Christi. Congregations: Blessed Sacrament, Placentia (1956)..

Friday, June 17. Clergy: Bryan Jones (1979), Dawn Vukich (2006).

Saturday, June 18. [Bernard Mizeki, catechist & martyr]. Clergy: Andrew Jung Kim (2005).

Monday, June 20. Clergy: Robert Garafalo (1981), William Stanley (2015).

Tuesday, June 21. Clergy: Michelle Woodhouse (1986), Kesha Brennom (2009).

Wednesday, June 22, [Alban, martyr]. Congregations: St. Alban’s, Westwood (Los Angeles, 1934); St. Alban’s, Yucaipa (1957). Clergy: William Dunn (1999), Bonnie McNaughton (Deacon, 2007).

Thursday, June 23. Clergy: Lewis Bohler (1956), Deborah McKean (Deacon, 2007)..

Friday, June 24 [Nativity of St. John the Baptist]. Congregations: St. John the Baptist, Corona (1891); Clergy: Michael Kinman (1997), Federico Sierra-Colado (2000).

Saturday, June 25. Clergy: David Miller (1978), Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook (1986).

Tuesday, June 28 [Irenaeus, bishop]. Clergy: Becky Tinnon (2006), Michael Tinnon (2008).

Wednesday, June 29 [St. Peter & St. Paul, apostles]. Clergy: Jeff Bullock (1981).

Thursday, June 30. Clergy: Andrew Barnett (2012).s