Virtual Exhibit Hall – Diocesan Convention 2023

Anamchara Fellowship


Sister Susan Alice Metzmaker, AF
Prior of Southern California

Sister Patricia Sarah Terry, AF
Companion Anamchara

About the Anamchara Fellowship

Anamchara Fellowship is a Religious Community in the Episcopal Church with a Celtic Christian spirit and has canonical recognition by the House of Bishops Committee on the Religious Life. We strive to be an inclusive community, welcoming clergy and lay, and single, married or partners in committed relationships. We are non-residential with members living in their own homes and ministering in their own diocese, parishes or locales. Many of us engage in pastoral care, spiritual direction, or teaching the faith.

We currently have members all over the United States, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Arkansas, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Missouri, and Virginia. We also have two members in Scotland and one in Brazil. We have priory groups where there are members living close together. Once a year the entire Fellowship meets together for a week of formation, prayer, retreat, Chapter (business meeting), and fun.

We have two types of membership: Vowed members who are under the vows of Simplicity, Fidelity, and Obedience; and Companions who do not take vows but are full external members similar to Oblates and who can participate as fully as they choose in any of our endeavors.

Anamchara is a Gaelic word which means “soul friend.”  In our formation we each have an Anamchara from within the Fellowship who is more experienced and walks with us as we grow and learn. It is also the style of formation that ancient Celtic monastics utilized.