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Bloy House: The Episcopal School of Theology at Los Angeles


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About Bloy House: The Episcopal School of Theology at Los Angeles

Located at the Lutheran (ELCA) Synod Headquarters in Glendale and affiliated with Claremont School of Theology, Bloy House seeks to serve the growing education/formation needs of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. Since 1958, our signature program has served commuting students seeking formation for lay, diaconal, and priestly ministries. Classes are held every other weekend on Friday evenings and Saturdays for ten weekends per semester. Bloy House has compiled an excellent faculty who bring a wealth of experience in both teaching and praxis to the classroom environment. 

The Master of Divinity curriculum consists of 54 units of coursework in the basic subject areas of theological education, designed to offer the student a broadly-based foundational program. In addition, M.Div. students complete 24 units of coursework through the Claremont School of Theology, with whom we have a partnership. Master’s degrees are then awarded by the Claremont School of Theology.

Certificate of Diaconal Studies
Those students completing a Certificate of Diaconal Studies complete a total of 42 units of course work to prepare them to serve as a Deacon.

Certificate of Anglican Studies
Students in our Certificate of Anglican Studies program typically take 18 -21 units of courses focused on ministry in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Each Anglican studies student’s academic plan is tailored to the student’s needs and designed to supplement any previous studies in theology.

Certificates and Programs for Lay Education
Lay persons enrolled in Fresh Start for Lay Leaders, Instituto de Liderazgo, and Education for Episcopal Leadership programs, who are seeking certificates or simply studying for the further development of their ministries, participate in programs specifically tailored to meet their educational needs.

Ongoing Program Development
In this interim academic year 2020-2021 as Bloy House searches for its next Dean and President, the board and interim dean are engaged in a set of  strategic initiatives which seek to expand our group of seminary and other partners, grow our course offerings in lifelong learning and continuing education, and to broaden our connections to the many church constituencies in the diocese. We also seek to make our faculty, board, and student body more diverse and reflective of the many cultures that make up the southern California population. We believe we have a current and future role both locally and nationally, learning from and sharing the innovative ministries taking place in Los Angeles.