Virtual Exhibit Hall – Diocesan Convention 2023

Bloy House: The Episcopal School of Theology at Los Angeles


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About Bloy House: The Episcopal School of Theology at Los Angeles

Bloy House: Education for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles
Bloy House is currently charting a new course in its education services for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. We are developing a robust lay formation program to help lay leaders throughout the diocese discern their ministry, grow their faith, and explore ministry opportunities, as well as revising our curriculum for training future priests and deacons. In the 2022-23 academic year, we are completing our MDiv curriculum for students already in the program.

Diocesan Lay Formation Program
Bloy House is currently developing a comprehensive lay formation curriculum based on visits with congregations in the diocese.

Anglican Studies Certificate
Bloy House is developing a new, streamlined Anglican Studies curriculum for future priests who have completed their M.Div. at a non-Episcopalian seminary.

Diaconal Studies
Bloy House is working with the diocese on a new program for diaconal formation leading to ordination, in collaboration with other educational institutions.

The Future of Bloy House
Bloy House has a current and future role both locally and nationally, learning from and sharing the innovative ministries taking place in Los Angeles. We seek to make our faculty, board, and student body more diverse and reflective of the many cultures that make up the southern California population. Please consider supporting Bloy House financially as we embark on this exciting new work as the formation and education center for the Diocese of Los Angeles.  Click here to donate.