Virtual Exhibit Hall – Diocesan Convention 2023

Diocesan Altar Guild

Marjorie Cooley
(310) 532-6401

About the Diocesan Altar Guild

We are part of those people who have been set aside for service.  When we offer ourselves to serve at the altar, we are offering ourselves to God as a living prayer. —Fran McKinney

The Diocesan Altar Guild is a Spiritual Ministry. We prepare for the Eucharist at Convention each year. We also prepares the Eucharist for consecration of Bishops – most recently for Bishop John Taylor.

Each Holy Week, the Altar Guild is responsible for filling the vials of chrism and unction for the Renewal of Vows. Sometimes the Altar Guild can make or repair vestments, and a few members are available to accept commissions on more elaborate projects. The Altar Guild collects gently used items parishes no longer need to make them available to mission congregations.

We are also a resource for parish altar guilds. We can come to your parish to:

  • Help train new altar guild members
  • Talk about the care of vestments, hangings, and linens
  • Talk about the care of sacred vessels
  • Discuss different ways to decorate the sanctuary throughout the year
  • Consult about the repair of vestments and hangings
  • Refer you to other resources that can assist you with your concerns

As we prepare the table and the Eucharistic meal for Christ’s weekly coming, let us remember that the meals he shared and the first meals in his name were in homes, not cathedrals, homes that were often poor in furnishings but always rich in devotion. Let us remember that Christ cares little for appearance and much for the welcoming heart. —Meditations for Altar Guild Members by Catherine Conklin