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All Saints 2018

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Reforming Corp Sole for the glory of God

A message from Bishop Diocesan John Harvey Taylor
In the summer of 2017, I promised to undertake a study of the institution known as the Bishop as Corporation Sole. It comprises church and other properties plus cash assets. Created before the Corporation of the Diocese, which has a board of directors, Corporation Sole is governed by one trustee, namely the diocesan bishop.

Diocese is invited to ‘Come Home’ to annual convention

Bishop John Harvey Taylor will convene the 123rd annual meeting of Diocesan Convention Nov. 30 – Dec. 1 under the theme “Come Home, EDLA” (“Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles”). The meeting will begin with a set of Friday morning workshops that will teach skills related to fundraising, times of transition, Christian formation, spirituality and social justice.

Diocesan Convention will begin with Resource Roundup Workshops

Diocesan Convention will begin this year with morning Resource Roundup Workshops offering practical information for clergy, lay leaders and congregations. The workshops will be held in two sessions, at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 30, and last about 45 minutes.

Bishop Morales visits L.A. from Puerto Rico, a ‘diocese of hope’

During a recent visit to the Southland, Bishop Rafael Luis Morales Maldonado heralded Los Angeles’ and Puerto Rico’s partnership of “prayer in the Spirit of God” and hinted at possible future collaborations between the two dioceses.

‘The Welcome Table’ at St. Paul’s, Tustin: It’s here for you

At “The Welcome Table” communion begins with conversation and a light meal; worship happens later. Several dozen Southland Episcopalians gather for the alternative service Oct. 3 at St. Paul’s Church in Tustin, wearing “icebreaker” tags bearing their names, favored personal pronouns and favorite musical artists.

In Laguna Hills, ‘Rock to Recovery’ turns strangers into band mates

Wes Geer of Rock to Recovery invoked the healing power of music to create a band in a day on Oct. 6 at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Laguna Hills.
Within the space of a few hours, with a handful of drums, rattles, guitars, tambourines, an electric keyboard and guitar, voices and other instruments, with prayers and willing participants, the group became the “Transformation” band. And, a segment at a time, they created and recorded a song, “Faith.”

Meet the diocesan CFO: the Rev. Michele Racusin

The Rev. Michele Racusin says she is “still getting my feet wet” since she became chief financial officer for the Diocese of Los Angeles in December 2017. Moving to the Southland from Fresno, in the Diocese of San Joaquin, where she had served several congregations, actually was a homecoming for Racusin.