The Episcopal News, Spring 2019

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From Bishop Diocesan John Harvey Taylor:

Going home to build a just society

In Matthew’s Resurrection account, the risen Christ wants his followers to go back to Galilee, where it had all started. “There they will see me,” he says. In essence, this is his message: “Get out of this dangerous capital city. Go back to your families and fishing nets, the lives you led before we began our walk along the Way. Go home. That’s where our work together will continue.” ‎

Miracles abound for refugee family from Honduras

Arnol and Idilia Flores and their two children endured years of difficulty, danger and violence in their native Honduras, followed by hardship, separation and anxiety when they came to the United States to apply for asylum. But lately a series of miracles has changed their lives and brought them new hope.

Highland Park Church’s ‘Casa de Caridad’ shelters homeless, refugees

On a recent morning, Johnson, Musa and Hakim were helping to hang new doors at their home—at All Saints Episcopal Church in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

IRIS: With fewer refugees to resettle, immigration ministry pivots

The Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service of the Diocese of Los Angeles, facing a drastically smaller numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers than in past years, has “pivoted” to seize opportunity from challenge.

St. Margaret’s Ventana Rosada Training Program helps cook up businesses

Sandi Romero is at it again. The original “Mama” of Mama’s Hot Tamales near MacArthur Park, she’s moved southward to mentor a whole new crop of aspiring small business owners via La Ventana Rosada, a partnership with St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church.

Church of the Angels and rural Ugandan school build a library

As the Suubi Christian Primary School settles into a new library with more than 10,000 books, Pasadena’s Episcopal Church of the Angels is celebrating the culmination of its four-year effort to bring the school’s library from concept to reality.

New Releases: Books from the diocesan community

Several members of the diocesan community have recently published new books on topics ranging from desert spirituality to criminal justice to life-changing grace; understanding the Psalms to unpacking travel experiences.